My top 3 Electronic essentials



We all have our beauty necessities and favourite fashion pieces, but what about our most loved electronics? We use them every single day, whether it be our camera, our phone, the television or even your bedside lamp but what are the top three essentials you could not be without?

Okay so I could never part from my Canon camera or my I-phone but genuine daily essentials aside I have discovered three new products that made my life that much better! Haircare is very important to me as I have my ups and downs, I have gone from wig wearing to a short bob, and now I am trying to get my hair into the right condition whilst growing it, and that calls for expert products. Wave goodbye to GHD’s as the Cloud9 touch irons are my number one hair essential.

Cloud 9 touch irons


If you haven’t already heard of the lovely Temp-Sec then I urge you to check out her blog NOW. She was one of the first blogs I ever read and now I don’t miss a post, thanks to this I was lucky enough to catch her competition with a Cloud9 touch iron giveaway, which with a touch of a miracle I WON! I state a miracle because I had a limited edition set of GHD’s that I return to ASOS as I just couldn’t afford to keep hold of them, so winning these was a miracle.



As you can see they are packaged beautifully with a heat protected bag inside. Once plugged in the irons only need to be tapped together once to activate the 195 degree heat, or three times for a lower temperature of 165 degrees depending on what you want. I love them because they are instantly heated so work perfectly when you are in a rush, but also I hate waiting around for irons to heat up. They are silky soft on my hair, and almost glide against it creating perfectly, poker straight hair (woohoo) or a variety of curls!

They are also super safe as they turn off after 30 seconds of inactivity, and come with the very pretty but also practical heat bag and iron cover.

Luxury The Touch Gift Set £99



Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Hairdryer

£49.99 at argos (instead of £59.99)


##7 Investing in a good hairdryer may not seem like necessity to you, but believe me it is. When you can dry your hair in half the time with something as pretty as this- I am in! It is claimed to use Far infrared technology that penetrates the hair, drying from the inside out, preserving moisture and protecting against cuticle damage, for healthier shinier hair. I couldn’t agree more as my hair is also left a lot more silky and soft than my previous dryer, and eliminates frizz almost completely. Combined with a good brush you will not turn back after discovering this baby.


MONSTER DNA Headphones – Black & Rose Gold

£139.99 at Currys


Headphones are in my top 3 essentials. Now this may not seem out of the ordinary to you, but coming from a self devoted ear phone user and headphone hater this is a miracle. I used to absolutely HATE headphones until these beauties came into my life. They are a convenient, foldable miracle with pillow-soft Advanced Noise Isolating cushions and a gorgeous design.

In my personal opinion I prefer them aesthetically to beats and am so glad I have these instead, boy am I shallow..! I love how you can unplug the cable and fold the headphones in half for travelling with the handy travel case included, and also attach someone else headphones to the opposite port so they can enjoy the music with you. If you want some privacy however you can crank up the volume without pissing everyone off around you as the sound is completely discreet, woohooo!



I hope you enjoyed my aesthetically pleasing delights, what are your essential electronics? I would love to know!

9 thoughts on “My top 3 Electronic essentials

  1. Currently have a T3 hairstraightener, wonder how it compares. I heard other beauty Youtubers liking the Cloud 9 too! Love the look of your hairdryer by the way, it must look really good in the bedroom! xxx


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