FaceTheory skincare review ‘cruelty free skincare, made just for you’


When it comes to skincare I don’t need to tell you that it’s a personal thing as you will already know! What will work on some can be a nightmare for others, not to mention that we all have different skin types, reactions and preferences. this is why Face Theory have come up with a solution to the problem.

How it works

The FaceTheory lab creates scientifically proven ingredient combinations suitable for different skin types.

You take a questionnaire to see the best daily skincare routine for your lifestyle.

You can customise your skincare as gently fragranced or fragrance free depending on your preference.

‘93% of [their] customers report visibly improved results within 14 days’

You then get presented with your daily routine that you can get a mini sized kit to trial with 10ml samples and also a 20 percent off code for the full sized products if you want to purchase them afterwards.


Following the questionnaire my results came out as the E1 Oily skin exfoliator, C1 combination skin cleanser and M3 oily skin moisturiser. Basically a whole load of oil combatting solutions going on there- I make no apologies.

All FaceTheory skincare products are never tested on animals. and don’t use PEGS or parabens. They also offer a 100 percent money back guarantee if you don’t like the products.

The price per product (all except the moisturiser) is £2.00 per 10ml travel sample and £12.50 for a 100ml airless size, with the moisturiser being a little more expensive at £4.00 per 10ml and £20.00 full size 100ml. With the prices in mind and the product selections chosen for me I decided to give each of them a go over the course of two weeks to see my results.



I always follow the routine ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ and therefore always seem to forget and neglect EX-FOLIATION. however when it comes to clearing and brightening my skin i know that it’s an essential to lightly scrub the dead skin away and renew the skin cells so i have been doing this first in my daily routine.

The exfoliator contains SALICYLIC acid and willow bark, with the unfrangranced option. It’s a light formula that has enough grain to exfoliate thoroughly but without being too tough that it irritates my skin. the consistency is thin and runny enough to apply, but I would perhaps have liked to see it a little thicker for ease of use. It has brought out the imperfections that were lying underneath my skin as bumps, so hopefully after prolonged use it will keep my skin clear and clean with the spot fighting ingredients.


The cleanser is light and fragrance free featuring apricot, avocado and silk in it’s ingredients list. I like to use all cleansers with a hot flannel to remove any excess make-up and give my face a thorough clean, however this works perfectly with some cotton pads too. The light consistency works in this products favour as I use a lot less than usual and doesn’t leave a heavy sticky feeling on my skin afterwards.


With grapefruit, vitamin E and witch hazel this toner is comprised of all the essential ingredients for nourished skin. It’s a sensitive toner and I am guessing was chosen for me as some can aggravate spots with their harsh ingredients. I personally prefer using my Clinique blemish solutions toner, or my Skinetica one as they are both targeted at my spots, however once my face has cleared up completely I will be using this for something gentle on my skin that won’t break me out.


Moisturising used to be my least favourite part of my skincare routine, so much so that I would avoid it completely. Having now understood that despite my oily skin woes my skin still needs to be moisturised I have wisened up and started using them. However this is truly the first product I have used that seems suited to my skin type and doesn’t leave me feeling greasy, sticky or with any unwanted residue. The  hyaluronic acid seems to balance out my skin, with the much needed TLC from the Aloe Vera, whilst the passion-fruit is claimed to be particularly beneficial for acne prone skin. This is a moisturiser I will definitely be sticking with!


I really love the idea of a tailor made skincare programme, and I can see the reasoning behind each product picked for me. I will continue to use the moisturiser, however i prefer the cleanser and toner I already have for my routine,  and will save the  FaceTheory ones for when my skin has cleared up more as I didn’t see many spot combating benefits. The exfoliator is a great way to renew and brighten the skin so alongside the moisturiser they were my favourite products of all.


10 thoughts on “FaceTheory skincare review ‘cruelty free skincare, made just for you’

  1. What a cool idea! I also like that they don’t test on animals. I would personally love to try out the cleanser for combination skin as I get both oily and dry patches in winter.


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