Christmas Degustabox Review

December was a crazy month for Pete and I, in fact the busiest month we had all year. You may be thinking well duh it’s Christmas, everyone is thrown into chaos! Well amongst Christmas we had a very sad passing of a family member that understandably took up a lot of time with formalities but also the appropriate time out from social media and general life. We also spent a few nights in hotels, ice-skating and cinema trips whilst juggling my pre-Christmas essay and trying to resolve a few flat mishaps….really what I am trying to say from all my excuses is, that’s why my post is a little bit late and I’m sorry!

You will know from my last Degustabox post that I am a huge fan of the food subscription service, it’s usually £12.99 a month for 9-14 surprise products that are usually completely new to the market. The drinks are my favourite feature of the box as you can choose alcoholic or non-alcoholic depending on your preference and lifestyle. I used to be partial to the alcoholic beverages but now I am committing to healthy living so I am really enjoying the latest soft drinks included and new brand introductions.

Degustabox December ’14



Clean Green £2.39

#2 Pukka’s Clean Green tea won me over before I had even tried it. I fell in love with the fresh, citrus packaging but it was the charity donation from every pack caught my eye immediately. I love any company that is willing to donate profits to charity and last year they managed to raise £65,000 for WWF which is amazing! I drink tea on a daily basis, and the more I am trying to be health conscious the more I will be buying. There’s no better feeling than a beautiful inside and out whilst helping the planet- you can’t argue with that. #3

Gloworm: Available to buy in january

Last month I felt less than favourable towards the soft drink inclusion…well I am pleased to say that this month has almost washed the bitter taste from my mouth! Gloworm are a brand I hadn’t heard of before, but one sip and I was sure to be seeing a lot more of them in the future. The drinks are premium mixers that are sugar free, taurine free and have 30 percent less caffeine than red bull…some of your favourites I am sure! I happily sipped and then DEVOURED these by themselves, mainly because I didn’t have any spirits to mix them with (sob), and they were delicious alone. The cucumber and apple flavour was my favourite, a really refreshing and unique taste that is perfect for Summer afternoons. If these were a little bigger then I would be more than happy to stock my fridge full of these babies.


EISBERG: Alcohol free wine £3.69

So, what are all of your opinions on alcohol free wine and beer? I must admit it just transports me back to memories of being an irresponsible teen drinker and having it forced upon me, so I ‘though’t I was still drinking but really it wasn’t effecting me,,,,yeah I knew what was going on!!! Bad memories aside, this hasn’t completely won me over but has definitely improved my opinion of the options available when you fancy a drink but can’t (for whatever reason that may be).  Eisberg state that they contain ‘less than 0.05% alcohol, only 34 calories per 125ml glass and the real flavour of the wine varieties that you know and love’. It all sounds absolutely fantastic, and perfect for my cheat evenings but I would never drink this on a weekly/daily basis- but it’s perfect for those special occasions when you fancy a wine but don’t want the calories and alcohol content.



Bahlsen: Choco Leibniz £1.25

I have tried and reviewed Bahlsen products on here in the past and they have always been pleasantly positive. I am not much of a biscuit eater in fairness ( I usually sit with some Haribo or Randoms when I am being naughty…) but these are a nice, indulgent treat. Pete can happily munch on the whole packet, with the caramel being his favourite flavour. There is plenty of chocolate to biscuit ratio, in fact it’s about 50:50 which is a rarity…you definitely get more than your average chocolate digestive!!


POPCHIPS: £1 (Usuallu £1.79 for 85G)

Pop chips are popping up on my blog AGAIN (sorry!). You may remember my review a few months ago of the range and how much I raved about them. The main benefit of the brand is that the products comprise of all natural ingredients- they use ‘no fake flavours or fake colours’, whilst coming in at 100 calories from their pressurised chamber creations. The only downside for me (if you can call it that) is that they are so delicious I could carry on eating FOREVER, almost like the Dorito sharing bag cravings…however they really do fill you up sufficiently and if you are being sensible one bag IS enough.

Cooking aids


Fry Light: Garlic Oil

I love using cooking sprays, they are only one calorie per spray, non-stick and economical! I find myself using a lot less of fry light than I would of ordinary oil, and can also maintain my calorie intake whilst using this. It’s a great spray to use on sautéed potatoes and grilled vegetables- yum! I would highly recommend this to anyone who feels they use way too much oil and want a quick and easy dinner.


Kent’s Kitchen Meal Kits £2.19

I absolutely love Kent’s kitchen meal kits. They are directed to be used with meat and tell you which is most appropriate, but I love using chick peas and vegetarian substitutes with them for a fulfulling, fast and low fat meal.



Bonne Maman Orange Marmalade £2.29

How gorgeous is this marmalade jar? The packaging looks absolutely fitting for a picnic or a vintage, extra special breakfast, Marmalade was never my favourite thing despite my Grandpa taking marmalade sandwiches to work at the dockyard everyday of his life, but I can say that I am slowly but surely coming round to the acquired taste. They are ideal with a warm croissant straight out of the oven, not the healthiest but certainly a weekend indulgence.


I have seen a few negative reviews in regards to not being able to finish the Chia oats as they were being compared to porridge. This is by no means a porridge and is a healthier, nutritious alternative, and if you wouldn’t make standard porridge with water then definitely don’t do the same with this either, add milk/honey whatever you need to make it suitable to your taste. I just added water and absolutely appreciated it after a workout. The dried berries and coconut give it a real taste explosion and a comforting Winter warmer.

10 thoughts on “Christmas Degustabox Review

  1. We had a bottle of alcohol free wine in the fridge at new year – supposedly my mum was trying to encourage me to drink that instead of the real stuff but I found it absolutely disgusting.. it wasn’t this brand though so maybe that one tastes better? Haha.

    Maddie //


  2. I don’t know if I could get behind alcohol free wine… just seems kind of pointless? I think that’s the word I’m after. I do like sparkling grape juice though. Love that marmalade jar too 🙂


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