Spring 2015 looks from Avenue 32; JW Anderson, BLK DNM and Shrimps

Spring 2015: Day

Body Editions knit top
£270 – avenue32.com

J W Anderson floral midi skirt
£324 – avenue32.com

Paul Andrew pointy toe pumps
£745 – avenue32.com

Lulu Guinness acrylic handbag
£245 – avenue32.com

Rag bone distressed hat
£165 – avenue32.com

BLK DNM square glasses
£225 – avenue32.com
Raise your hand if you’re fed up with not being able to wear cute open toe shoes, using calorific carbs as a means to get through the day, and getting into bed still half dressed as a normal ‘after work routine’! Ok, ok so life isn’t all that bad through Winter, huge teddy coats, sky scraper boots and all the food we want to eat, but Spring Fashion is also a pretty exciting prospect.
Yellow has been my favourite trend for the upcoming months;  gorgeous silk dresses and sunflower inspired knitwear. The bright yellow heels I picked add a pop of colour to the staple BLK DNM sunglasses that are a must have for any handbag, all year round.
The JW Anderson skirt is a beautiful, feminine length that will flatter most frames and is a perfect match for tucked in knitwear. Body Edition’s knitted top picks out the red detailing on the skirt but still allows the detail of the pattern to flourish.
Spring 2015 night out

BLK DNM white top
£65 – avenue32.com

Shrimps faux fur coat
£595 – avenue32.com

BLK DNM leather pants
£405 – avenue32.com

Aperlaï red boots
£387 – avenue32.com

Shrimps pink handbag
£185 – avenue32.com

Estelle Dévé gold bracelet
£395 – avenue32.com

Pamela Love turquoise necklace
£180 – avenue32.com
When Spring is in and Winter has bid us farewell, don’t ditch the fur coats! Spring begins the first day of March, and I can whole heartedly say that I can’t brave the cold with bare arms until at least May! Shrimps selection at Avenue 32 have the most amazing clutch bags and coats, so much so that I had to feature both a coat and a bag. Red and pink would never have been a combination I would have gone for myself- but it works perfectly. The baby blue from the coat compliments the pastel pink in the clutch whilst the radiant reds bounce off each other to create an evening wear look.
I have picked some essentials from BLK DNM as a pair of skinny leathers and a white tank top are the perfect match for a night out whether it be a gig or the pub. They are pieces that won’t age or appear dated when you throw them together, and instantly exude cool, off duty model look.

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