Getting ‘all fancy’ with Rara De Barr


I am finally BACK after the mandatory mid-December disappearance. Christmas is over, New years is done, but despite the festivities leaving us sequins and glam seem to still rule wintery January. I favour the colder months giving me a valid excuse to walk around like a human fluff ball. Admittedly the feather heels you gals are parading remind me of my Grandma’s old boudoir slippers…but hey, THROWBACKKK TIME!

The lovely Rara De Barr sent me the stunning ‘Catherine Drop Earrings‘ to wear but shockingly enough they didn’t make an appearance on New Years Eve as I spent mine in the luxury of my bed with a takeaway curry…living the dream and punished with a post party cold. However despite my NYE flop they were just too perfect for nights out to not share with you guys.

Being a girl (yep..) with short hair I have tended to shy away from any large earrings, particularly drop earrings, thinking they were too gaudy and didn’t suit my face. However after succumbing to pre-wash updo’s I decided that they will now be brought out with fonder feelings to add some glamour to my evenings.


Dress: Quiz Clothing £29.99/ Earrings: Rara De Barr £12.00

P.s the red has GONE (woohoo!)

42 thoughts on “Getting ‘all fancy’ with Rara De Barr

  1. Good to see you back lovely 🙂 Hope you had a great start to the new year! Gorgeous earrings they look super glam, ps live the dress i have the same 🙂 xx


  2. Ooo you look lovely! Love your earrings, makeup, hairdo and that dress is just so gorgeous! It’s a shame you werent well 😦 Hope you have recovered since! Love your blog’s new look by the way 🙂 xxx


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