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Stuck for Christmas present ideas? Not keen on trekking to the post office to pay a hefty price for someone’s present? I tick both of these boxes. When you know you aren’t going to be able to see someone at Christmas posting a card will definitely suffice, but sometimes there are people you want to give a little bit more to. A Letterbox cake from Bakerdays is the ideal answer. You get the lenience and ability to personalise the cakes with any pictures, photographs or backgrounds whilst adding any text you like. This then makes for a thoughtful, personal gift that you can order from the comfort of your bed (literally!)

The Bakerdays site offers templates to choose from here making your life a little bit easier; my favourite was the ‘Reindeer’ design that costs £14.99* for the 12cm x 2.5cm Letterbox size with a sponge cake inside. However you can choose from Chocolate chip sponge which is £1.50 extra, Fruit cake £2 extra, Gluten Wheat free cake £3.50 extra and even dairy free for £3.50. Bakerdays really have left no stone unturned to ensure that they suit every personal need and taste making the experience truly personal.


The cake is sent in a cardboard box that as you guessed it fits through the Letterbox,once opened the package reveals a quaint Bakerdays tin keeping your cake nice and safe. The cakes usually arrive ‘the next day’ according to Royal Mail’s postage service, but if you are ordering as a gift to another address during the festive period then set a date that is one or two days before just to ensure that the recipient gets their gorgeous cake on time. International delivery is available at on average £13 if it’s something that you were interested in doing too.


Once the tin is opened you are presented with instructions on how to get your cake out safely without damaging it. If you are buying as a gift then you would have a personalised message in a card for your loved one, alongside three balloons, candles and a party blower.


I am really pleased with how the cake’s design turned out, the detail and design is stunning. I did think that the dye would be slightly darker as it looks a lot bolder and red on the site, however this is not a major issue as the image is still crisp and clear. The snowflake design around the rim of the cake is a nice additional festive touch, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.


The cake is expected to serve 3-4 slices and I found it ideal to share with Pete. The cake has been baked to perfection, still moist and soft whilst being the perfect size for the tin. The icing is thin and flavourful; icing has never been my favourite thing, in fact I usually cut it off and don’t eat it but this was sweet and indulgent without being too rich.


If Letterbox cakes aren’t your thing I would recommend ordering a cake to share at Christmas, as I mentioned previously you can personalise the filling as well as the design whilst picking up a 17 inch cake for £26.99. They are ideal if you don’t have the time to make your own like my Grandma does for us all, and they are guaranteed to be of good standard. I paid for a Birthday Letterbox cake for Peter this year and I was not disappointed , the quality is consistently fantastic and well worth the price. Have you seen the customisable cupcakes they do? It was something I missed for Peter’s 21st but love how unique the idea is and think that it will be my next treat to him (or us!)

I highly recommend the Bakerdays site especially as this has been my second successful experience with them, thank you for my gorgeous Blog personalised cake Bakerdays, expect many more orders from me!

47 thoughts on “Bakerdays Letterbox Christmas cake

  1. This is such a cool idea, I have family all over the UK as well as in Argentina and America so this is much more sentimental than just sending them a christmas card!

    Maddie x


    • I know I’ve seen a few posts too, I ordered from them before they contacted me and I absolutely love them, definitely using them for birthdays and might have to try a chocolate cake one or cupcakes now 😉 xxx


  2. This cake looks so delicious and so nicely presented! I’ve bought from there for my boyfriend before and i loved that i could use a picture of my own on there, really good prices too 🙂 xxx


  3. I normally don’t like icing covered cakes, but their double chocolate cake is the best I’ve ever had. The icing is so thin as well I didn’t mind eating that as well either! The tin is so nice too isn’t it!! xxx


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