November Degustabox: Winter Treats



My favourite subscription box and my absolute favourite time of the month- in case you wondering, it’s the day the Degustabox arrives! Forget new Beauty products that half the time have no space to live, as an avid consumer of most food and drink- if that can even be counted as an accolade, this box always goes down a treat. There is always a wide variety of products included suiting those who like Alcoholic beverages, and those who prefer to have soft drinks instead. Last month included choices suitable for the whole family and whilst the variety of drinks lacked, this month definitely makes up for their absence.


My third Degustabox*(£12.99 a month) seems to have successfully encompassed the Winter theme seen throughout the food and drink choices this month. I subscribe to a couple of other monthly boxes but namely the popular Beauty boxes, however they sorely let me down in terms of nailing the ‘Winter’ theme so I am glad to see a brand that has put thought and effort into making this box fantastic and appropriate for the time of year. The main benefit for me is that you don’t need to find too much space to store the items you receive as I guarantee most of them you will want to indulge in immediately (of course that’s optional).

The Drinks

Montano Cider £2.59

Available from most Supermarkets (Notably on offer at Tesco for £2 currently)


Depending on your Alcohol budget in my opinion after tasting this 660ml size bottle you get exactly what you pay for, if not more. You don’t always have to spend a bomb to pick up good quality drinks, however it is worth trialling a few different products to see what you enjoy- price isn’t always an indication of whether it will be enjoyable or not. This Italian cider is described as ‘medium-dry’, but after trying it myself it’s very light and refreshing and best served on ice as most ciders (in my opinion). It makes for easy drinking and clearly benefits from the ‘apples grown in the foothills of the Trentino region of Northern Italy’. After a long while out of the drinking scene I much prefer fruit ciders to enjoy at home, but this one definitely isn’t too strong for me and can be enjoyed over an evening. Thumbs up from me!

Cool Dawn Recovery

Currently £1.04 direct for their site (on offer)


I don’t like to deem myself as a fussy person, and I’m certainly not someone who shys away from trying out new things. However liquorice has to be one of my least favourite flavours, alongside lemongrass (it’s ok for foot baths, not to be digested..!). Now liquorice in my opinion tastes fine with the lovely sweet piping in the middle, it’s bearable by itself but when used in food and drink I CAN’T STAND IT. Now unfortunately this hinders my ability to be able to finish this drink, I smelt it and sipped it, but boy I could not have a gulp. However the main purpose of these recovery drinks are to aid you through your hangover, they are best drunk on the night of your blow out before bed, and then when you wake up with that stonking headache. They aren’t carbonated and don’t contain stimulants, priding themselves at being a herbal drink and remedy. Good luck getting them down when you feel ready to vom though….!

PIP ORGANIC Juice £1.50 each

Can be found in all major supermarkets


Pip Organic are a brand that I have already fallen in love with. They are a family run business that are based local(ish) to me in London. What I love most about them is that they maintain the ethic of creating juices that have 100 percent organic fruits, with no additives, water, preservatives or sugars WOOHOO. On first impressions you may have thought that the grab and go juice for £1.50 is overpriced but once you realise that you are drinking pure fruit juice it really is worth the pricetag. It tastes amazing, a complete difference from the concentrated juices I am used to- I love them!


Lindt: Lindor My melting moment

£0.65 per pack, received 5

Available in most supermarkets


Receiving FIVE ‘My melting moment’ snowflakes was certainly a welcomed treat. Chocolate of any kind is always nice to receive in ANY subscription box, but when it far exceeds traditional Lindt you know that it’s impressive. They are the perfect stocking filler or treat for yourself any-time of day, with melting, smooth milk chocolate made for this season.

Kettle Chips: Salsa & Mesquite £2.19

Widely Available in Food stores



Crisps are one of my favourite things…in the world. This sounds like an exaggerated claim perhaps but if I could ignore any health warnings and stay the same weight I would happily eat a 150g bag like this everyday. Kettle Chips are one of my favourite crisps brands already, you can really taste the difference in quality setting them apart from cheaper brands. The Salsa and Mesquite is a spicy mix of tomatoes, chillies, peppers and the aroma of barbecues that was one of the original seasoning’s in 1988. However Salsa and Mesquite alongside Stilton and Port are Kettle Chips Limited editions for Christmas and ones NOT to be missed.

Cooking sauces & accompaniments

Kent’s Kitchen ‘Stir in Flavour Shots‘ for Fajitas



Kent’s Kitchen are a brand that have returned from last month, do you remember the meal kit I showed you for October? Well the Winter box has stir in flavour shots for fajitas, which is amazing as they are one of my favourite meals. I love anything that makes cooking easier, especially when they can be used for a variety of other meals including prawns, jacket potatoes, wraps and rice. Look out for a recipe as there will be one coming your way.

Holy Cow

Curry sauce: Kashmir Rogan Josh & Goan Prawn Curry Sauce



Who doesn’t love a curry? Most of us will indulge in an Indian from time-time on a Friday night (maybe more), but being able to recreate this at home for a fraction of the price is even better. Holy Cow’s recipes are inspired and passed down from their mother, with sauces containing heaps of flavour and kick, which goes to show why their home style food won them a contract with Asda. I cannot wait to make two curries with this, and I hope that the recipes go to plan to share with you all.

Branston Chutney



Branston pickle is a firm favourite with me already, so I never expected to find ANOTHER product that matches the well loved classic. From beans to sandwich accompaniments BRING OUT THE BRANSTON have done themselves good. I will be making a recipe with this to share with you all as it is just too beautiful to not.

A sample present

Drink me Chai: Spiced Latte

£6.50 for 20 sachets; ONE included


Drink me Chai was my first Chai Latte experience, however I was already well armed with a milk frother to ensure my experience was optimal. After much trepidation I am pleased to say, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. In fact I love it so much I had to go out to my local cafe and order another, however it genuinely no way matched the experience I had from the sachet. The blend of spices and flavours were perfect, and I am definitely going to have to order a box of the sachets to fulfil my cravings.

The best box I’ve recevied? Without doubt. After a wish wash month last month being disappointed with a few products down to my personal taste, this month has really left me feeling very happy. My first experience of Chai Latte was amazing, the Kettle chips were perfection and the Lindt Melting moments were just the snowflake on the tree….!

For £3 off the £12.99 full price then enter this code: HASLC

I personally promise you will not be disappointed!

28 thoughts on “November Degustabox: Winter Treats

  1. Just testing this months box out myself 🙂 Could not believe there were 5 lindt moments either, amazing!! They are my favourite choc without a doubt, it wasnt my favourite box because i felt like there wasnt really any food in this box but i know you prefer to have more drinks haha still another great selection though 🙂 xxx


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