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Rose Bath Bombes Kit: Kirsty Allsopp craft kit





Isn’t this set just beautiful? I had no idea Kirsty Allsopp had craft sets in Hobbycraft until recently, and boy am I glad to have found them. I absolutely adore her, I think she’s beautiful and talented so knew I just had to have this. There is a choice of candle sets, needle felting, wool brooch kit and many more aesthetically pleasing delights. However despite not even having a bath the Bath Bombe kit caught my eye instantly. The packaging is beautiful, I adore the smell of roses and thought that they would make fantastic DIY presents to others; especially as I have spent a lot on Bath and Skincare in the past with not as much thought.



The kit* comes in at £11.25 as Hobbycraft are having a 25 percent reduction; so it was initially £15 before the sale. I haven’t bought a craft gift set before, apart from when I was a child and received a candle making set with disastrous consequences- being a little older I had high hopes for this kit. I think it would also be perfect as a gift for someone if you didn’t want to make it yourself and package the bombes up.



As seen above is what the kit includes, what you will need yourself is a spray bottle and some disposable gloves. You can easily pick them up from Poundland, Wilko or Savers for really cheap prices (Plus they aren’t necessary items, just preferential).



The dried rose petals smell amazing, they make me want to purchase some for side projects as I am filled with turkish delight memories, and Summer blossoms! I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.



Empty half of the citric acid into a bowl

Then sieve half of bicarb and the cornflour into the same bowl

Add 30 drops of rose water into a spray bottle, and add 50ml of water

Spray the mixture in the bowl with the rose water up to 35 times, until the mixture feels like clumpy wet sand

Sprinkle and rip rose petals to fill the bottom of the molds

Scoop the mixture into the mould, scraping the top as you fill them, Making sure the mould is full, but not overflowing. Do the same with shallower molds.

Press one shallower mold, and one deeper mould together so you have a 3d bath bomb shape…repeat with the other mould, and potentially use other shapes/moulds for the mixture,. I used a baking tin so I didn’t have to repeat the steps the next day whilst waiting to use the moulds again. Only two moulds are included!


Leave the moulds overnight.

In the morning, gently pull apart the molds, and softly push from the back and they should come out with ease.


I decided to give one a go, despite planning on giving the bombes as a present; just to see how they fared!



The bath bombe fizzed away, just like it would if you had purchased it from a store rather than as a DIY project. The rose water smells incredible, and the petals give it a luxurious, relaxing touch, not to mention gorgeous decoration for the bombes themselves.

What did I think of the kit?

The kit is a  lot easier to use than anticipated!

The only additional product you need is a spray bottle and gloves( if you wanted to protect your hands), but seeing as the ingredients will be going into a bath with your body soaking I am not sure why the point is exhorted so much in the instructions? Nevertheless once you have bought the kit you should have everything you need. My only gripe would be that there are only two moulds to make the bath bombes with. The instructions state to push the bombes out without waiting for a prolonged period of time, however my mixture was no where near set and a video online stated that it should be left overnight. Therefore you either have to make two a day or use other moulds. I remedied this problem by using a muffin tin to create additional bath bombes, and I was really pleased with the shape. They make a very pretty present for yourself or someone else, and smell amazing!


If the mixture is too crumbly once taken out of the moulds then place then in silk/ pretty bags to make bath salts as a gift.

How I presented them:


I think a Kilner jar is a really nice way to store them, whether is for your personal use in the bathroom or presenting as a gift. All I did was layer the bottom of the jar with the leftover rose petals I had.

Seriously easy, fun DIY that can be some Christmas present inspiration!

32 thoughts on “Rose Bath Bombes Kit: Kirsty Allsopp craft kit

  1. 1) Happy belated birthday- waaahhooo, 21!! I think that’s a bigger dealer in the States (yay, drinking age!) but nevertheless, haha.
    2) I just laughed out loud imagining little you making candles
    3) this looks super fun- I’d love to get something like this as a gift! That and I think bathbombs are super fun but I’m too cheap to splurge on them on my own.
    4) Thanks for your super flattering comment on my blog- It had me grinning for a while 🙂

    xo marlen
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    • Thank you lovely! It’s a big deal to me because I have been to America three times and always wanted to come back but have been waiting until I can legally drink! 🙂 And oh god it was awfulllllllll! That’s ok lovely I mean it ❤ xxx


  2. What an awesome little kit?! I want one ha! I mean it could be a perfect gift to either to give to someone, you could have the fun make it, wrap it up in some lovely gift wrap and give someone a home made gift! I will certainly be looking out for these next time I’m in hobbycraft!
    Rebecca xxx


  3. This is so nice! After moving house I’m more determined to enjoy some luxury baths myself and I love science kits! Love your spray bottle by the way! I’ll have to hunt this down now. Oooo didn’t realise she has such a large range! Buy buy buy…


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