Healthy & Quick Sweet Chilli Chicken Wraps


My last recipe using Degustabox ingredients was very ‘naughty but nice‘ (if you didn’t catch it, take a look here). However my latest recipe  if you can call it that is really quick, really easy and super healthy; not only that I think it tastes pretty darn tasty too. I don’t know if I am alone on this but pre-made sandwiches and wraps from supermarkets are one of my absolute favourite things, I literally prefer a packaged wrap or cheese and onion sandwich over ANY takeaway. However they can get pretty pricey if you have them on a daily basis, and all the salt and sugars really aren’t good for you. That’s why I decided to re-create the ‘Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap’ at home. The Blue Dragon sauce is a perfect accompaniment as it has a lovely warm kick which is settled with a smooth sweetness that just sets the chicken and veg up perfectly.


In total I spent £5 on ingredients for a meal that would feed 3-4 people, they key is to look for reduced produce after 7pm- I like to go to Tesco, and also only buy what you need. The small chicken packs may not look enough, but when you are feeding two the £2.50 ones are perfect.

Chicken Fillets (£2.50 in Tesco for 2 people)

Mixed Pepper Bag (99p for 3 in Tesco)

Lettuce (21p Reduced in Tesco)

Wraps (99p Tesco)

Obviously feel free to add whatever else you like, if I am not being health conscious then cheese is a definite YES from me, and also sliced onion can be a nice addition too, but for the Supermarket replica wraps I prefer the ingredients I have chosen.



I apologise in advance for putting you through raw chicken, it is my nightmare, my phobia and something that induces an OCD cleaning freak within me that means I cannot touch anything unless it’s been washed nearly 5 times- HOWEVER it is a key part of preparing the wraps. Once you have got your chicken fillets use a very sharp knife (I like my Jamie Oliver one) but as long as it’s sharpened it’s fine and slice vertically to form bitesized strips. Don’t make them too small, but the more strips you can get off the fillets, the more wraps you are going to be able to have. Similarly cut up two peppers in the same way, I like to use the red and yellow as they are bright and vibrant, and also taste the best in my opinion.

Whilst slicing and preparing make sure your hob is on (if electric), add a saucepan with a spray of oil and allow it to heat up so that the pan is searing hot before adding the chicken and peppers. ##3

It is then your choice whether you marinate the chicken in sweet chilli to form caramalisation or simply leave the chicken and veg to cook through for ten minutes. I like to leave mine plain until I get them into the wraps as that way I use less sauce, which means less fat and calories! Whilst the peppers and chicken are cooking pop the wraps into the microwave for one minute just to heat them through so they are nice, soft and warm.


All you really need to do is then add the chicken and pepper mix to a bowl, and a have a tray prepared with the salad and sauce once the wraps are heated and good to go.


There you have it. SUPER easy, super quick and budget replicas of Supermarket sweet chilli wraps.

24 thoughts on “Healthy & Quick Sweet Chilli Chicken Wraps

  1. Finally, someone who understands my issues with raw meat! I seriously just can’t touch it no matter what. I think if I’d be living alone or my boyfriend wasn’t such a talented cook, I’d be a vegetarian. Or I’d order takeout 5 times a week. The wraps look super tasty! I wasn’t hungry when I started reading this post but now I’d really fancy having lunch, haha!
    Miss Blue Eyes


  2. Looks very tasty and something I could do, I get you on the raw chicken…not nice. Weren’t you ill in the week? Hopefully not chicken….!! xox


  3. Wraps are one of my favourite lunches as they’re so quick and easy, you can just make a large pan of the filling with tons of delicious sides and let everyone dig in – a very ‘help yourselves!’ meal. Your recipe looks gorgeous, I’ll definitely try this out!

    Meg at Meg Says


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