Bonjour HK Cosmetics: PART ONE Asian Make-Up






Bonjour HK  have blown me away again; last month I was wowed with a selection of Asian Skincare products here where I found a potential blemish eradicator and a weird and wonderful eggshell membrane mask! Well this month I have a variety of Make-Up products to share with you lovely lot, and boy am I impressed. I was a little nervous about creating make-up looks as my skin is definitely not in tip top condition, however since I received my birthday DSLR it’s removed the worry of awkward lighting flash photos (phew!)

I have decided to section my Make-Up post into two parts so that I can showcase the products and looks in more detail, so make sure you look out for part two next week! However for this post I will be focusing on eye make-up, with some little tricks and tips to getting brighter, wider eyes (now who doesn’t want that?!)

The products I will be using are:


Mascara : £11.21 

MagicTip Eyeliner Pencil: £6.50

Eyelash Curlers: £3.78

False Eyelashes: £1.10



Paradise Eyeshadow quad set: £13.26

Step one

Once you have added your base and sculpted your brows you can start working on your lashes. If you use face powder you will know how it coats your lashes so after powdering my face and then using the WowWow mascara you can see a dramatic difference.


My eyelashes almost disappear when they aren’t coated in make-up and enhanced, and my lack of sleep is causing dark circles which really don’t help with brightening and opening up my eyes. I find that a very simple tip is to combine the use of the white pencil liner with Bonjour HK’s amazing lengthening mascara to create wider, brighter eyes. For me personally when my brows are sculpted and pencilled, adding the mascara and eye brightener is enough for a more natural make-up look, just to appear fresher and perkier.



Step Two


CURLING! I don’t tend to use an eyelash curler very much, in fact I never used to have one in my daily routine but feel like it can really make a difference when used properly. I love reading tips such as heating them with your hairdryer and applying liner to the rim so you can multi-task, all of these add to the benefit and ease of using curlers. Whilst they may not be my daily essential they are definitely a welcome addition to my make-up bag, particularly after using falsies.


Step Three


I used the quad palette on my lids before adding the false lashes, however the colour injection is quite minimal. It creates more of a shimmer/ light glitter with very light shadow, however this is ideal for eye brightening and a change from my usual smokey eye look. 

Step Four

This is by no means necessary, but if you would like (and I do) then a pair of short, natural looking falsies with added length is perfect. I like to use fiber lashes on a daily basis, but these are fantastic at drawing more attention to your eyes and given them an extra glam look without being too OTT.



Overall I am really pleased with the whole eye make-up look and the products used to create them. I only get around 2-3 hours sleep a night, if that so any SOS products I can use are thoroughly welcomed.

The mascara has to be my favourite product out of the lot, it’s really lengthening without being clumpy but also separates the lashes nice and wide so you don’t get the dreaded spiders legs look. I would also recommend the false eyelashes they sell, there’s so many different styles to choose from, and they also sell Multi packs which I want to sink my teeth into.

Don’t forget to look out for next weeks part two: lips & cheeks 🙂

If you wanted to trial some products then Bonjour HK offer 10 percent off with this code: Promotion Code : BJTHANKS1

30 thoughts on “Bonjour HK Cosmetics: PART ONE Asian Make-Up

  1. What gorgeous items!!! Love the look of these! Having an epic catch-up with your blog today lovely as I’ve been snowed under these last few weeks – you’ve made my morning with such lovely posts 🙂 xxx


  2. Woah an egg membrane mask- that sounds super interesting! And these products really are great. The one that caught my attention the most is the highlighter eye liner. It *really* made your eyes pop! And I must remember to curl my lashes- I feel like I havent done that step in years.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


  3. I know you don’t sleep much and neither do I clearly..mines early mornings though but you really don’t look as bad as you must feel you don’t have dark circles….I love this look a lot more natural and different for you, keep it up 🙂


  4. I’m not sure if my comment went up or not :/

    That liner looks fab! Just saw the comment above, you should show your face more, definitely, you look gorgeous! I need to be brave and do it more, too… such a wimp haha


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