Degustabox: October Box


If the blogging world hasn’t already alerted you, it’s October Degustabox time!! This month is particularly focused on snack lovers  who are seeking lower calorie, healthier options without losing flavour, and plenty of (not so healthy, but yummy) baking to get involved with. Despite a few of the brands being familiar to me, the majority of the products were fresh and new which is my main priority with any subscription box; even if the products aren’t my cup of tea at least I can ‘try before I buy’.



Brioche Pasquier



When it comes to breakfast I am not amazing at eating it, let alone making the right choices. However if I do eat breakfast I 100 percent opt for carbs which is why the Brioche Loaf and Pain Au Lait caught my eye immediately. I have tried Croissants & Pain Au Chocolat from Brioche Pasquier in the past and had high expectations after my impressive experience, and luckily they didn’t let me down. What I love about Brioche Pasquier is that the products are so fresh when you open the bag, but stay that way for a good couple of weeks to come. The quality far exceeds Supermarket pastries I have opted for and almost put me off.

The Pain Au Laits have gorgeous dark chocolate inside them which are perfect for a grab and go snack, or even better when you have time to heat them up. The Brioche Loaf is another great breakfast pick that is great as eggy bread, toast or sandwiches, I actually prefer it toasted with just butter, but the already sliced, fresh pieces make it super easy and nice enough to have without toasting.

Bear is a brand that my god-daughter frequently enjoys; they are healthy, tasty and a sensible advert for children. However they are also for us adults who are looking for low calorie, healthy snacks. ‘ BEAR’s story starts from a simple need to make being healthy a little bit easier and a whole lot tastier’. However for me personally I found the cereal not to be that flavourful, that being said I am not  a huge cereal fan and am very fussy at what I will eat. I MUCH prefer the fruit snacks I’ll show you in a bit. For the health conscious they have: no refined sugar or salt that spell an end to breakfast battles. Made from 5 tasty grains, and our special ingredient coconut blossom nectar, they are low GI and naturally high in calcium.



Dr Oetker

American Soda



Kent’s Kitchen


Blue Dragon

When I received the Degustabox I have to admit the Marshmallow Cream was the one product that made me SUPER happy. I adore the website American Soda, and used to order off them all time; I just know that my love will now be rekindled. The cream tastes absolutely amazing spooned out of the jar by itself, used to make marshmallow fudge, unlimited smores recipes, but also for one little special recipe I will be sharing later this week so keep an eye out for it. I highly recommend you check out the site for American Sweets and the like as you will be awestruck.

Dr Oetker are a brand that I know I can trust. With countless recipes and baking success thanks to them I know that the chocolate and cocoa powder will be a success. What I love about the cocoa sachets is that they include a little recipe card within the three easy sachets, they are the perfect size for baking without having a tub and also give you some inspiration when you are feeling a bit flat.

Kents Kitchen  is a brand to watch. The sauce and herb packs remind me of what I used to receive in my Gousto box, and the specific divided ingredients are actually really helpful in achieving delicious meals without too much effort and super market hunting. I am planning a lamb curry this week, so I will let you guys know how it turns out as I cannot wait to make it.

Blue Dragon are a name you may be familiar with, and if not then all I can say is you need to get their sweet chilli! It has quite a runny consistency, but is perfect with chips, burgers and also with a little more sophisticated meals such as Fish- another product I will be using to create a little recipe.





This box definitely was one for the snackaholics, and being experienced in that area of expertise I have already tried and loved Jelly Belly, alongside the Special k crisps. Jelly Belly is THE name you think of when it comes to gourmet jelly beans, or any jelly beans for that matter (say jelly bean again). I just adore the variety packs, and either eating the sweets from the bag without seeing what flavour they are to get a surprise, or running through the back and picking my favourite ones. They are the perfect stocking filler for big and little kids. The Special K crisps are 60 percent less fat than standard crisps so are of course healthier than the Jelly Beans, but not less satisfying. They have a strong BBQ flavour, a nice crunch and are every bit as enjoyable as any other crisps (I eat a LOT).

The Bear  paws are absolutely delicious. I seriously really really love them, a huge contrast to the my opinion on the cereal! They taste like sweets/fruit winders but are made of fruit, a little veg and NOTHING else. They are a really great snack, that make you feel like you are getting that sugar boost from naughty foods but really it’s all healthy, nutritious food- and how cute are the little paws?!

Get Buzzing was another surprising favourite!  Getbuzzing Bars contain only 100% natural ingredients, but they taste absolutely amazing, just like the bear paws you still get the energy and sweet sensation without all the naughty, nasty bits.



Enhance is a one calorie water enhancer which is already a winner in my books. I have tried other brands on my blog to review, but I have to say I definitely favour this one of all, the stevia flavour doesn’t seem to be as prominent, it’s a really lovely fruity flavour and pretty much zero calories. For 32 servings at £2.49 I couldn’t recommend this more.

Overall I adored this box, I got to try out new products and brands, and have also been doing a hell of a lot of baking to get you some recipe posts this week for the box ( I am tired, but it was really fun). I have to say I was a little disappointed that the only drink in this box was a small water enhancer, mainly because last month I loved the alcohol and non alcohol options, and I look forward to trying new drinks as I don’t get the opportunity to as much.

For all you lovely people who don’t subscribe I have £3.00 off the usual £12.99 when you enter TWAPL

19 thoughts on “Degustabox: October Box

  1. The brioche rolls were definitely my fav!! I’m sure there will be more drink options in the next box, i prefer having more food snacks though haha xxx


  2. Scrolling down I was like “that looks good, that looks good” and then I got to the BBQ chips and I was like “ohhhhhhh em geeee” I LOVE BBQ chips! Or crisps, whatever. Same thing. I know whenever I go to a gas station to grab a snack I always buy some bbq chips… Cape Cod sweet mesquite BBQ kettle cooked chips to be exact. In case you wondering lol



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