Maintaining red hair: Chill* Ed Red

Last week I decided to take a plunge back into my Beauty past and go from bleach blonde to bright red. It was a pretty scary move as when I dyed it previously it turned out to be a dry, hay mess that slowly became pink…and not the nice, admirable candyfloss pink! I have decided to try and maintain my red hair before I can put a brown/ash colour over the top to try and achieve the result I want exactly, so whilst I am trying to look after my over coloured locks I have been trying Chill* Ed Red.

Luckily for me (I say luckily…) my hair is pretty damaged and was about as light as I could achieve with home dyes, so the red absorbed into my porous hair very quickly…if you are a hairdresser/worked in a salon then you will know it’s not a good thing, however in terms of achieving a bright colour it’s fantastic funnily enough. Despite my hair absorbing the dye and richness quite easily red is a colour that needs a lot of maintenance, but with minimal washing. However when washing is essential it is a MUST to use treatments and leave in conditioners to keep your hair looking as healthy as possible.


Ed Red Shampoo £9.99*

Ed Red Conditioner £9.99*

In terms of what you pay to maintain your hair is entirely up to you, I am happy to buy conditioning treatments from Poundland BUT when it comes to looking after the colour and amplifying it I think you should be prepared to pay a little more. £20 for the set isn’t a bad price, and especially with them lasting about a month ( I trialled the blonde set which last this long), combined with the Loreal Preferences hair dye it should set you back £27 a month (not bad compared to the hairdressers).


I tend to try and wash my hair 2-3 times a week maximum when it’s been dyed, and is always such a relief when I do (I hate waiting). The shampoo doesn’t lather up as much as other products, which was something I touched on in my blonde review, however for some reason this one felt a lot more cleansing. Just because there aren’t a tonne of bubbles doesn’t mean that your hair isn’t deep cleaned and cleansed. Another benefit of the shampoo is that it doesn’t dry it out completely, which is always my main concern as I don’t want all my natural oils stripped. The product colour itself is a bright red, with likeness to hair dye- so don’t be surprised when you open it!


The conditioner is advised to be left on for 5 minutes, but I decided to go the whole hog and create a mask with it. As mentioned previously the products are bright red, so make sure there are plenty of ‘old’ towels and protection, you don’t want to go staining new bed sheets whilst its wet (not that I did that of course)!


Once left on for the 5 minutes plus time, I rinsed it out and was left with soft, shiny locks; a complete contrast to what I was expecting. 9/10 times when I wash my hair it feels much drier than I want it too, so to feel it soft and manageable was impressive.

Did it change the colour?


I definitely think the darker tones in my hair have been brightened, and the red seems a lot bolder. It also looks a LOT shinier than prior to the wash, even though my hair had been left to try and recuperate some natural oils.



In terms of condition my hair is dry and has split ends anyway, but after the mask my hair appears a lot smoother, shinier and more manageable. At the end of the day products will only mask damage you have and a good hair cut is what you need, but whilst you are trying to grow it out I think it will definitely help.



Overall the product has to have a 9/10 from me. I am not sold on the packaging, mainly because I like girly, feminine products that I can have on display, but with that being said the results are incredible, and great for the price so they far exceed any exterior gripes!

32 thoughts on “Maintaining red hair: Chill* Ed Red

  1. Red hair is SO hard to maintain- I feel like it starts fading so, so quickly. I had red air for two years and just like you I always dyed it at home. And I have to say, if i used none-red-air based shampoos the color would start turning faded and mousy super fast. It’s awesome you found a shampoo that works so well with your hair, and helps it hydrate! And I know juuuust what you mean about that weird brassy pink shade- one time I went too light and I had these random pink splotches all down the side. Oy. Horror. Haha!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


  2. The red looks so good on you… I know I keep saying that. But it’s true! I hate when products have ugly packaging. They are usually really good products too but no one wants to try them because who wants to buy ugly products?? LOL I’m glad this one worked out well for you, 9 out of 10 is not a bad score!



  3. Great Review …great products … I use Chill’s blonde products and I absolutely love them! Hooked or what?? ..people have actually noticed a huge improvement in my hair tone and condition and commented without me telling them what I’m using ..Your pictures are great .. Very inspirational.. Great blog .. Great product! Now… Dare I go red next?? X


  4. I need to get my hands on some of this stuff! I recently dyed my hair a brownish-red colour, but it is wearing off quite quickly. Definitely need some products to maintain the colour. 🙂


  5. That looks great! I’m totally sold on your red hair now too – especially since it’s gone even more red. It really suits you – totally autumnal!

    It’s worth trying the Startech red shampoo if you can find it. Quite similar in that it’s actually red, but it gives a lot of pigment to the hair, and really really brightens it. It’s hard to find though.

    Faith xx
    Music and Eyeliner


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