Make Up Revolution: Matte VS Shimmer Blush Sticks

Blush sticks are something I would never have dreamed of using until the last couple of weeks. I love the formula and application of using a make up stick, especially when it comes to foundation or concealer. However because I have oily skin I tend to avoid anything remotely wet on my face-unnecessarily sometimes. Since discovering Make Up Revolution‘s Matte sticks and shimmer shades I have decided to be a little more adventurous and try something other than Benefit’s Hoola, and now know I had nothing to worry about.


£5 Each

Matte Dream/ Matte Rush/ Matte Malibu/ Matte Pink


The majority of blush sticks that I have seen and been tempted to purchase have been in the realm of £9 (No7) upwards, so these are already the cheapest I have seen by far. Instantly from the swatches you can see how bold and pigmented they are, just like my initial reaction to the lipsticks they sell. It’s a surprising benefit to find a purse friendly make-up brand that also achieves the same results as bigger and more expensive brands. Matte Dream and Rush are definitely ones that I will be relying on for my daily make-up routine as my skin is ridiculously pale naturally, however Malibu is a fantastic shade for contouring when blended properly, I am just trying to get used to using it still.

I prefer the creamier blush stick formula to applying powder blush, but not 100 % sure my skin agrees with me just yet. The shades definitely don’t appear shiny or wet against my skin which is great, but I have to get used to the feeling of it on my face…

blush stick

£5 Each


shimmer blush

Despite avoiding excessive highlighting because of blemishes and pores I actually adore these. You know when you see something and think beyond just ‘oh that’s pretty’, to the point where you become a little fixated with them, yeah that…. For some reason I obsess over shimmer, sparkles and anything remotely glittery, I love glitter shadows, highlighters and lipsticks so of course it wasn’t really too surprising that I loved these.

Sometimes glitter and shimmer can be tacky, but these are far from it. They are the perfect shades to give your face a glow, sculpture and colour.

I know it defeats the object of buying budget make-up but I would recommend you to buy a matte shade and a shimmer shade. You can blend and merge the shades to make the perfect colour for your face, but sometimes you want a more highlighted look than other days.

40 thoughts on “Make Up Revolution: Matte VS Shimmer Blush Sticks

  1. These blush sticks look amazing, suck pretty colors! I’ve seen blush sticks before (different brand) but never bought them, I might have to give them a try! I’m glad you liked these a lot 🙂



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