Jessica Bakes-Well Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cookies



I am one of those people that would define themselves as a consumer rather than a creator. To put it plainly I am talking about cooking and baking. Unfortunately my household consists of no bakers and only consumers, so minimal lazy cooking is mostly at hand especially when I am busy for about 18/19 hours a day.

Now before you guess that I am blowing my own trumpet contradicting my bad baking skills, Jessica Bakes-Well is a gorgeous shop selling Artisan Cookie Mix Jars and Favours. Jessica Bakes-Well jars are the perfect ‘lazy’ sweet treat, and don’t they look gorgeous? Christmas can be the trickiest time of year, disregarding the ridiculous amount of money that can be forked out for gifts, there is the problem of what to buy?! Instead of buying a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, pants and socks for that tricky customer…(Ok I am thinking of my boyfriend), get them this jar! You will find out how EASY these cookies are to make, you don’t need to know how to bake and pretty much disaster proof for ANYONE, and super quick to do.


The jars costs a fabulous £7.95 in a picture perfect Kilner jar and all the ingredients you need bar one egg and butter! I have paid over £10 for smaller mixes and jars before, and they definitely weren’t as successful as this one (seriously!). They claim to make approximately 18 cookies if you divide the mixture into 18 walnut sized balls, however I think they could make a lot more. My cookies were an average/large size and I had 19 with larger balls than recommended, so you could definitely make more if you divide the mixture into smaller pieces.


Adding a cracked egg & 100g of softened butter takes 5 minutes or less, and really is ALL you have to do. You only need to beat the mixture for about 3/4 minutes and the Chocolate orange pieces will be evenly dispersed. The instructions tell you to preheat the oven to 170 degrees of Gas Mark 4 whilst you separate the mixture…


Once the oven has pre heated and you have divided your balls into walnut shaped pieces you can pop them into the oven. I would recommend that you do use greaseproof paper as they can become very stuck and you don’t want to ruin any trays…that being said don’t go greasing it the cookies will be well greasy…!

Next add the cookies into the oven for 10-15 minutes depending on your oven, I have a pretty crappy electric oven so I put mine on the middle shelf for 15 minutes and they were perfect.


The outcome was gorgeous gooey cookies. They are the perfect consistency with crispy edges and a squishy, devourable inside. The Terry’s Chocolate Orange really comes through and powers the cookies more than I expected. Overall I can’t find any fault with this jar, it’s far exceeded ones I have tried before and would make a stunning present for under £10!




28 thoughts on “Jessica Bakes-Well Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cookies

  1. I’ve said before how amazing the concept of these are! Such a gorgeous present and actually something i want on my christmas wishlist! Terrys choc orange is the best! xxx


  2. After seeing your last post about jar cookies I kept thinking about it but never got a chance to get them. This is like a reminder lol! It’s time for me to organise teacher’s Christmas gifts! xxx


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