Make Up Revolution Vamp Lipsticks

Happy Halloween witches! 

I AM BACK with a lipstick set even cheaper than £1 each, are you impressed?! Today I am sharing Make Up Revolution‘s gorgeous Vamp Shade set which is a rather pretty sum of £2 for 3 lipsticks. I never saw myself as a huge lover of beauty, well at least not on the same level as most ‘Beauty Bloggers’, but lipsticks have to be my obsession. My skin isn’t amazing EVER, so when I wear make-up I tend to think CONCEAL and CAMOUFLAGE, cat eye flick and then play around with different colour lipsticks, so it’s not a surprise that I love this set as much as the Atomic Lipsticks.


Everyone loves a good berry shade for Autumn/Winter, and the darker the better in my eyes! Reds are beautiful but so over-worn, you can pick up a gorgeous red with most brands and you can count on most girls to have their favourite red. However when it comes to purples and blacks they aren’t worn as commonly. I am not sure I am going to go the whole hog and starting blacking out my lips on a daily basis, but after some Halloween inspiration I am definitely converted.


As you can tell from the swatches the lipsticks have a buttery consistency, much like the Atomic lipsticks. However from the swatches the colours do look slightly different to how they appear on my lips- this is why I always try and make sure there are photos of the lipstick on my LIPS. It’s very well seeing what it looks like on your skin but colours really can alter once they are on your lips, and thank goodness sometimes. 100 % vamp and black heart look very similar when swatched , but once you see them on you can definitely tell them apart.

The longevity is a few hours to stay glossy and without too much abrasion, however as I have already mentioned about the deeper Make Up Rev shades they leave a stain. I think this is great for when the gloss has gone and you can still see the shades; the colour is easily removed with make up remover/baby oil- it’s not like you are stained for life!!


As you can tell now the lipsticks are on 100% vamp and black heart are very different. The deeper shades in the vamp collection definitely seem to take more application than the atomic collection, but I think it’s hard to keep the darker shades pigmented. As the formula is slippery you do need to just keep applying if you want a full colour look without patches of lighter colour. Predictably I do prefer ‘Rebel with Cause’ best, but I love how Black Heart looks on and isn’t as harsh against my blonde hair and pale skin as I initially worried.

Have you tried these lipsticks yet? Would love to hear if you’ve tried any other products from Make Up Rev I should get/review.

25 thoughts on “Make Up Revolution Vamp Lipsticks

  1. That is such a great set of lipsticks and they’re so cheap too! I wish we had Makeup Revolution over here in Australia, I would love to experiment with these colours at such a low price. You look beautiful in the pictures, all of the colours suit you well.


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