Make Up Revolution: Atomic shades

Thrifty is certainly not my middle name, but when it comes to make up , over the past year I have learnt that you can find some fantastic dupes or budget brands. Make Up Revolution is a brand I have only just started experimenting with, and despite the hype surrounding them I didn’t expect to be as blown away as I am. £1 lipstick is always a winner for me, the rate that I like to shop it definitely allows me to indulge without feeling guilty, and when there’s such a wide range of colours of available it’s heaven.

The Atomic lipstick range from Make up rev is bold, fierce and pigmented. The shades are ideal for Halloween, but are also all year round wearable shades for those who like to experiment and make a statement.

Make up

Initially you may think that they look intense but once they are on your lips you will fall in love. As always I have done swatches of these £1 beauties, but a swatch is a swatch. You don’t wear lipstick on your wrist for crying out loud, so make sure you check forward for the lip reveal as it’s something special!

Each of these babies are £1 each…yep £1, which is impressive to me when I see how bright and pigmented they apply. They are more of a thin/slippery consistency than other lipsticks I own for higher price tags, but no more so than butter lipsticks I have tried. Others have claimed that the longevity isn’t great but I found that mine lasted a good few hours, and even when they came off I was left with a stain. The lipstick stain may be bad for some but I actually quite like the effect that was left as you still have the bold colour without the wetness.

make u

Magnificent/ Make It Right/ Make Me Tonight/ Serpent/ Ruby

All of the shades are wearable and not just suitable for specific occasions. In the Beauty world anything goes and the colour spectrum for lipsticks is never ending. Green is so hot right now and I initially fell in love with it as soon as it arrived, but the lighter purple shade, the brown and the red have to be my go to lipsticks for everyday wear now.

Make up rev

As you can see despite being wearable all the shades pack a punch and definitely stand out, but hey people will stare so make it worth their while right?! I now have the difficult decision of deciding which is the best shade to go with my sequin bat mask?! Life is tough….

30 thoughts on “Make Up Revolution: Atomic shades

  1. These are absolutely gorgeous, cannot believe they are £1!!! Makeup rev have really impressed me with their cheap prices but amazing quality.They look gorgeous on for halloween and your mask is amazing! xxx


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