Vintage Motel Rocks

Motel Rocks is a website I frequently browse but don’t seem to buy anything off. Number one I am poor as hell for their prices and number two I am poor as hell for their prices…yeah that really is my only reason. I am in love with ALL the clothes, but as soon as I spotted a sale on their Vintage collection I knew I was going to be in too deep. I decided on two items, a skirt and a dress both at Β£9, regrettably the skirt was out of stock when it came to despatch so I only ended up with the dress, but it meant that I spent under Β£10 and for one of my favourite dresses.



Calvin Klein CK7789s 019 Onyx 57 Β£59

The sun was out, I had my new dress on and plans for a delicious green juice to take to the beach, so why not wear my CK sunglasses?! They are a completely different shape to my usual choice of Wayfarers or Aviators and I loved the change. The lenses were so much darker and more protective than my cheap high street picks.

I went for an exagerrated cat eye flick and light lips to go with my half updo bob for a summer beauty look. This was mirrored in my barely there rhinestone sandals from Primark (serious bargain right there).


The high neck design of this dress is perfect for this seasons trends and ideal for layering, not to mention how lovely the silky smooth fabric is. I am also loving the skater skirt as it’s nice to not wear bodycon for a day-day event especially when it’s nice and warm.

Pete and I had a lovely walk along the beach after picking up my usual green juice, to come back to a lovely surprise that we’d both left our keys inside the flat…..



I am pretty sure they still have a general sale on NOW, so I would get your backside up and onto the site to snap up some bargains before everyone else. I can’t afford to shop anymore so I can feeling kind to spread the joy πŸ˜‰

34 thoughts on “Vintage Motel Rocks

  1. I am the same with motel rocks, i love their stuff but never find that i buy anything! You are looking gorgeous in this outfit though, your hair is soo pretty too i must say i do miss my bob sometimes 😦 Oh no i hope you got back in the flat at some point, being locked out is the worst realisation! xxx


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