‘Little Black Dress’

Slogan tees will never go out of Fashion for me. They have been recycled, revamped and brought to fame thanks to a MAHOOSIVE amount of celebrities. I do sometimes like to create a ‘fantasy’ get the look for less post, but never slave over what celebrities wear and try to be them. However as soon as I saw this Little Mix-esque dress from Mary Jane Fashion I was in LOVE. It’s classified as a LBD tee, but I love styling it as a mini dress, especially on the warmer Autumn days.

LBD T-shirt £8.99


Layering was essential, and since I picked up this Missguided cardi for £25 last week it was my pick of the day. It’s so cosy without being too warm, and is a colour boost for the monochrome ‘dress’. The quilted faux leather shoulders are reminiscent of 12/13 leather sleeves obsession and add an edgier dimension to the knitwear.

Missguided Checked Cardigan £24.99


STORM watches Multizan £149.99/ OLD ASOS Heels


Atelier Eyewear ‘Bowery’ £265


Accessories are everything to me. A touch of rose gold, tortoiseshell and PVC and I am good to go. I love wearing a watch that I feel comfortable in, a perfect fitting pair of sunglasses and feminine heels and all three of these have to be my favourites.



There you have it, the casual LBD on a budget for under £10!

26 thoughts on “‘Little Black Dress’

  1. haha this is great, I love it! I need a regular tee that says “little black dress” because sometimes I just DO NOT feel like “dressing up” at all 😛 I love the heels you are wearing, you look fabulous! 🙂



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