Money saving tips at University

Have you ever felt like all those ‘students’ with Macbooks, fancy cameras, the latest I-phones & brand spanking new clothes are just laughing at you?! Those students that somehow last the whole term with their student loan and no job, yet seem to be the ones who go out the most, and always have the latest gear. Unfortunately their pay cheque is from the bank of Mum and Dad, for those of us who don’t have that payout then sit tight for some money saving tips I have taken advantage of from Amazon Student (not to mention it’s FREE)


First things first, Amazon Student is FREE for SIX months, so not another one of those sites/’helpers’ that you have to pay for to save money( which kind of defeats the point almost). BUT you can get Amazon prime for £39 instead of £79 a year once you have signed up to Amazon Student, but bear in mind you will have to have a email address for instant approval, and if not then you will have to email your proof of student status (or anyone could go getting it right?!)With Amazon prime you can get 500,000 Kindle titles for free, FREE one day delivery and unlimited streaming on more than 15,000 titles- now this may all sound like company speak but in layman’s terms Netflix costs me £6.99 a month ie £83.88 a year, whereas Amazon prime is only £39 with Amazon Student (pretty much a no brainer!). PLUS when you are hungover, or ‘studying’ what better than to sit and get hooked on TV shows.


Ok so movies and TV shows out the way the free Amazon Student subscription also includes unlimited free one day delivery and student discounts on the necessities. IE the most expensive items- stationary, ink catridges and books, so what are the best deals at the moment:


STUDENT ACADEMIC YEAR WALL PLANNER £5.75 (RRP £6.95)/Subject Dividers 0.45p (RRP £1.64) /Pukka Pad pack of three £4.99 (RRP £13.26)/HP 301 Combo Pack Cartridges £16.70 (RRP £24.50)

Now I know that these picks aren’t going to change your life and make you in a league of royalty, but when the subscription is free you can’t really complain. EVEN better discounts if you already have your NUS card, then you can get 10 percent on clothing and 5 percent on books, this alongside the free e-books for your Kindle (if you have one)

For now I am going to be watching a few flicks on Amazon Prime and sharing a ‘What I am watching Wednesday’ from the exclusive Amazon Prime category to see whether I will be replacing my Netflix sub or not!!!

16 thoughts on “Money saving tips at University

  1. I’d never heard of this before, could have really done with this when forking out for uni books haha they cost a fortune!! xxx


  2. lol I wish I was more careful with my money when I was in Uni. Amazon Students sounds good, hopefully they will have same or better service for my kids in the future, I’ll definitely get them on it! xxx


  3. I love Amazon Prime, when I was in college I signed up for Amazon Student (was super easy with my .edu email) and I had prime for a year which was amazing because I had to order all my books from there! Gosh, text books are SO expensive. I do not miss spending $150 on a book!

    ONE BOOK!!!!!!!!




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