Everyday Glam: Charlotte’s Essentials

When I open my wardrobe ALL I can see is knitwear. This for me is the true sign that colder weather is now here, and all my pretty Summer outfits have been banished into a box. Today was an exception, I was going out for dinner with Pete and decided that I would whip out a skirt and a crop top once and for all. However going for dinner in outfits like this are going to be pretty much extinct until next year, and therefore I have to find ways of sprucing up my Winter wear. I love wearing statement necklaces with knitwear which is why this necklace from Charlotte’s essentials is such a beauty.


Dhara £12 * 

The necklace is a beautiful quality statement piece without being too OTT. It works well for an everyday casual look but can also be added to a evening-wear outfit without looking out of place. The colours incorporate the vibrancy from the Summer we left behind, and merge with Autumnal looks such as brown, grey and white; the icy tones work fantastically with the warm tones balancing each other out. The range of different colours make this necklace a piece that can be worn with any colour or pattern with ease.



You can order off the beautiful Charlotte’s Essentials here and for gorgeous pieces at only £12 you can’t go wrong! There is a range of statement necklaces for every occasion, with more extravagant pieces if you are looking for something a little more than just day-day wear.

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