Why are we all wearing picnic blankets?

Why are we all wearing picnic blankets? 

1) They are damn cosy.

2) They cover up all our lumpy bits

3) It’s an outfit in ONE.

4) It makes us look like trendy superheroes.

5) Because it’s the latest trend.

There are TONNES of blanket capes on the market at the moment, but naturally I could only afford one. THE River Island one. The cape that everyone else has. The cape that I am the only person sat in a chip shop wearing, until another girl comes in with the same cape. That fucking cape. Alas I still love my cape, but everyone has it.

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Little White Lies Bag/ THE River Island Cape/ Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Boots

55 thoughts on “Why are we all wearing picnic blankets?

  1. Haha I love reason #4!! Anyways, you look great!! Hmm you know I’ve never ran into the problem of having someone else wear the same thing… Probably because I can’t ever afford what’s on trend and I’m always shopping at thrift stores and at Ross. Ha! But hey who cares, it just shows you two are very stylish young ladies. Maybe you should take the opportunity and become best friends… Just think, you could tell others “It all started because we were wearing matching capes…” Lol



  2. I honestly don’t see the problem with wearing a piece that is popular. Imagine, people would go nuts if it mattered, considering how on trend DW watches are at the moment. If you enjoy wearing it, just go for it! 🙂
    Elina |


  3. Haha i love the title of this post! Majorly obsessed with the blanket cape too, this river island one is to die for such a lovely tartan! Looking fab as always 🙂 xxx


  4. Everyone may have the cape but you look beyond amazing in it and styled it perfectly!! Such a cosy, lovely item (I need one), the River Island one is definitely gorgeous!! Love the boots too! xxx


  5. Lol you are hilarious!! I was stuck at Euston train station yesterday and walked into Monsoon Accessorize which was full of capes! I like yours more as it doesn’t have fur wrapped around your neck, which makes it look a bit bulky for this Autumn. But now I know why it’s full of capes! I think it’ll just make me look big though lol xxx


  6. It is frustrating when you see someone else wearing the same item that you are wearing in the same facility or even street as you; we all want to be the queen of unique, why does someone else have to ruin that!? haha When I saw these blankets which will we refer to as “capes” for the sake of fashion; I fell in love with them just due to the sheer fact that when I wear one I feel like I am extremely posh and fabulous. I have no idea why I associate them with polo, but I do. Regardless, of my inner child disagreeing with me wearing one- I will be wearing my cape with pride this season!


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