Blaze On Fairy Lights

Blaze On are an ethical company that have gone from strength to strength in the last 10 years. They work with over 20 family run businesses and put their heart and soul into the company since leaving Thailand. They sell a variety of gorgeous fairy lights that will brighten any room, and serve the purpose of filling empty jam jars, framing doors and being the perfect Autumn accompaniment. They also stock the most dainty, delicate tea lights I have ever seen. Luckily Blaze On sent me three different sets of candles to try out, and they are STUNNING. I have been using candles a lot lately for relaxation and help with my anxiety, but these beauties work well for decoration too.


Tea Lights
Pink Assorted


Tea Lights


Tea Lights
Brown Tones

Am I the only who thinks these are the prettiest tea lights ever?! The brown tones are absolutely perfect for an Autumnal evening in, and work perfectly with neutral decor. They also smell amazing which I wasn’t expecting as I am used to unscented tealights. The only thing I will press is that they aren’t long lasting and the purpose of them is more for decoration and quick burn, but isn’t that the same with all tealights? (I’m not sure)
I would have happily kept the candles in the box and formation I received them in as they were stunning. They make for a perfect present, and if I am not receiving any this year I will be certainly sending!
What do you think of Blaze On? Would you pick up these pretty tealights?

18 thoughts on “Blaze On Fairy Lights

    • Thanks hun I did try I wanted to do the candles as much justice as I possibly could with photos, they are so delicate in real life though I absolutely love them, would make a very pretty present xxx


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