Two’s company

This outfit very nearly didn’t make the cut. When I buy/style or see an outfit, I like to try and add personal touches, and despite the sad inevitability I try to avoid clothes that EVERYONE will have. However, seeing as this two piece from Missguided is such a beauty it was only a matter of time before I saw this popping up on beautiful blogs alike, and after seeing a few I thought to myself ‘ I really don’t want to post this’. After a lot of thinking I decided that I still would post the outfit, as I styled it MY way, I added my personal touches and I still do love this outfit. I have seen a few styled for evening wear, but I love wearing mine in the day-time- it’s a really versatile suit.






Being short it’s very rare that I will find a pair of trousers from a ‘non-petite’ range and feel like they fit me, but these were just perfect. They are a lovely pair of tapered, comfy trousers and the print doesn’t accentuate your less favourable parts!

I decided to add a £2.99 belt (New Look) to the mix so that the two piece became the illusion of a jumpsuit. The initial reason was to hold up the waist of the trousers, although I was pretty impressed with how much better the fit was compared to when I used to by 6’s from Missguided. The crop top fits like a glove and is the perfect length to meet the trousers without exposing too much flesh, being ideal for warmer Autumn days.



Slip ons have been my shoe of the season; these are actually the only pair that I own but I have been left longing for more. They add a masculine edge to any outfit, with a small bump of height and the majority of them have lustful patterns. I particularly love this silvery checked pattern as futuristic never seems to grow old.


Are you loving my roots? I can only apologise as I am growing my bob out so that I can dye my hair brown all over and light at the ends!

Do you own this TOO?! Or are you lusting over any other two pieces?

30 thoughts on “Two’s company

  1. You look great, I love the print and I’m glad you posted your outfit! I actually like to see how different bloggers style the same thing. And yesss I am loving your roots!! 😛 I can’t wait to see you with brown hair!



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