Check in with F&F

Supermarket clothing has come on leaps and bounds from when it was first introduced. As a teenager I wouldn’t have dared step foot into the clothing aisles at Tesco…but how wrong could I have been.

However despite the style selection, great advertisement and Social Media presence attracting me to shop with them I am always stunted with worries of the items being too big/too long as this is a common factor I have found with Supermarket clothing as a whole. I am glad to say that Tesco have started expanding their Petite range which is fantastic because now I can actually buy the correct size. However 9/10 the style I like is in the ‘standard’ options so I had to settle for that this time (nothing a belt couldn’t fix!)

F&F Cube Print Shirt Dress £20

The checked paint brush effect on the dress drew me in immediately, yet I had a dilemma of which colour to choose. My basket was full of items I had spied and loved, but I narrowed the basket down to this dress and a black duster coat which answered my colour dilemma- white! The choice was between a white background or a black background, and since making a lot bolder and brighter colour choices (as they help your mood) I am glad I stuck with the crisp white.
Primark heels are unbeatable for price and style, so when I saw these in store I had to pick them up. The high gloss finish may not stay that way for long, but getting just one perfect wear out of them with this dress satisfied me enough! The heel height is perfect, and the pointed style adds an elegant element to this smart attire.
Strictly speaking this makes for a chic office outfit, coming in at £30 for the dress & the shoes. However, despite how smart the choices are I happily wear this on a day to day basis and can see it proving versatile in terms of styling. I belted the middle for a snug fit, and to pull the dress up just above the knee, but the dress can be worn as a ‘shirt dress’ for a more casual approach, and with the sleeves rolled down for cooler weather.

39 thoughts on “Check in with F&F

  1. I bought this & the blue one but in two diff sizes and one was too small & the other just looked frumpy….NEVER thought to put a belt round it…duhhh! Looks amazing on you!


  2. This shirt dress is sooo gorgeous!! You are working it, supermarket clothes are literally the best finds! Asda have some great bits 🙂 xxx


  3. Wow, I really think the outfit suits you! Yes I agree that it does look more executive 🙂 But who say that you can’t dress up like that for going out, especially if it looks great on you! xxx


  4. I totally agree with you! My sister and I went to tesco last week and had the same conversation haha! There were so many nice things I never would have thought I’d find in a supermarket!!
    Love this dress, it really suites you 🙂 xoxo


  5. I absolutely love it. ❤ I have a 3/4 sleeve top with the exact same print that came from Zara, and it cost me more than that… I'll make sure to check out supermarket clothing next time! x


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