World Sight Day October 9th TOMS

Hello guys,

I just wanted to share something with you which I hope you will all get involved in. It’s not a sponspored post or a plug it’s just simply to share some information about World Sight Day with TOMS and how you can all get involved.

If you check out TOMS One for One page you will know for every purchase of glasses you make from TOMS you are enabling another in a disadvantaged country to receive help with their impairment and sight. We are lucky that in the UK we have free eye tests, the NHS, free medical treatment and subsidised glasses costs, however some aren’t as lucky as us and need our help.

Did you know?

19 Million Children are blind or visually impaired.

285 Million People are blind or visually impaired and don’t have to be.

90 percent of the worlds visually impaired live in developing countries.

80 percent of what a child learns in their first 12 years is through vision.

The majority of blinding conditions in developing countries are preventable or curable

How YOU can help

You can help TOMS out without spending a penny by participating in #GIVESIGHT. On Social Media: Twitter Facebook Instagram or your blog share what sight means to YOU. We are so lucky with the opportunities and treatment we receive here but some are not so lucky. If you can afford glasses from TOMS then you will be making an even bigger contribution to other people’s lives, but please just take a little bit of time to share a tweet, a photo or a thought to support the campaign

Sight means everything to me. Sight is experiencing the world around me. Sight gives me the ability to write what I do on a daily basis, and read extraordinary books and ideas. Sight gives us the ability to work and communicate, read people’s emotions. Sight is something we take for granted, and after reading the campain I WON’T.




Please help with the #givesight campain.

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