September Degustabox (My favourite)

Hello you lovely lot,

I am here with September’s Degustabox even though it seems like only yesterday that I posted about August’s. I don’t want to give too much away before I’ve even shown you the products, but let’s just say it’s impressed me more than last month ( I didn’t even think that was possible!)

Before I get started just a quick refreshment on the box. It costs £12.99 per month to receive a box full of food goodies, sometimes completely new to the market. It is a subscription box, but you can cancel before the 10th of the month if you decide you don’t want them anymore (:()! You can also alter your profile to your tastes, ie a little bit like Graze boxes ‘love, try and bin’ option.



This month I was incredibly lucky as two of my favourite brands were included: Little Miracles & Crabbie’s. If you remember my post from a couple of weeks ago I raved about how much I love Little Miracles here, but just so you guys don’t miss out I will give you a little recap of all the drinks; it’s just a shame you can’t taste them!



Little Miracles are light refreshment still drinks that infuse organic tea and super fruit juice for thirst quenching natural energy boosts. They are free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners, and come in at less than 90 calories each.  ‘The secret lies using only carefully selected Panax Ginseng in its purest form’ Not only is the packaging cute, which DOES influence my purchase, but it also tastes amazing. They are a far cry from your usual iced tea, and packed full of organic benefits. The Lemongrass & Ginger is my favourite for a warming kick without being overpowering.



Luckily for me I received the alcoholic option (which you can choose on the site) as well as the non alcoholic choice of drinks. I absolutely adore Crabbie’s as a whole and have a slight infatuation with ginger drinks. However the Zesty Lemon alcoholic drink has no ginger at all so is perfect for all you gingerphobes. The taste is so smooth that you wouldn’t be able to detect there’s any alcohol in it if it wasn’t for the warming after sensation in the back of your throat; whereas the Lemonade is packed full of spicy ginger and is perfect served on ice.


Burts Lentil Waves

If you are looking to change your crisp game then your first stop HAS to be these lentil waves. I was weary about trying them initially as my surveillance of vegetable crisps have resulted in uncertainty, however I think I can almost say that these could replace ordinary crisps. I would highly recommend the Thai sweet chilli chips as they packed full of flavour and taste even better than standard crisps. The benefit of these babies is that they fill you up a LOT more than your ordinary packet of crisps yet they only come in at 99 calories.



PiCK UP! Bahlsen Biscuits 

I have to be honest I’m really not a biscuit lover, believe me or not I would much prefer savoury over sweet, so trying these was a little bit risky. Once again my concerns were blown out of the water when what I tasted was basically a jam packed Oreo, and the creamiest, smooth chocolate sandwich biscuit EVER. These beauties could be deadly considering I don’t usually eat that much sweet food, these could become my weakness!

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates

Think of an upmarket after eight mint, and you are spot on. The perfect blend of dark chocolate topped with a palette cleansing mint hit makes these the perfect indulgence whatever time of day you fancy them. I could happily sit munching through them as the dark chocolate isn’t too overpowering (as I don’t usually like dark chocolate) but satisfy you quicker than a milk chocolate bar so you don’t need as much at all.



Righteous Salad dressings

Naturally Righteous dressings are GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN FRIENDLY and preservative and artificial ingredient FREE, whilst also maintaining low salt, soy free and being 100 percent NATURAL. PHEW! This was another product that I mistakenly prejudged after the initial apprehension of tasting such strong flavours (but I was wrong again, common theme running guys). The Blue cheese and cider dressing is perfect on an apple, tomato, cucumber and lettuce salad and brings out the flavours of each, particularly working well with the apple. The dressing is flavourful but not as strong as I thought it would be making it ideal for those who are ‘just trying’. The Lemon and Mustard dressing is one that personally works well as a raw vegetable dipping dressing/sauce, and the Raspberry and Basil is yet to be tried!

Carnation Cook with it!

A versatile dairy product with 68% less fat than single cream is the ideal cooking accompaniment to curries, pastas and quiches! My planned venture is a crispy bacon carbonara with lots of pepper and cheese using this cream to help me out, expect to see photos of it boring you on Social Media, particularly if it turns out well!



Jordans Simply Granola

Breakfast is one of the most avoided meals of the day for many, but it’s one of my favourite times of day. As soon as I saw that delicious honey granola was included in my box I decided to make a ‘jam jar’ breakfast of low fat, plain greek yogurt, sliced banana, granola and honey, creating the perfect combination. However it works perfectly with milk by itself too but the added fruit enhances the flavour and helps you get your five a day.

La Vieja Fabrica Marmalade 

Despite not being the biggest fan of marmalade this only costs £1.59 and is available at most supermarkets. I have managed to try a lot of things I previously believed I didn’t like thanks to the two Degustabox’s I have tried so far and am hoping that this will be one of them too.

For £12.99 you can’t go wrong subscribing to Degustabox, especially if you love trying new foods.

31 thoughts on “September Degustabox (My favourite)

  1. Definitely my favourite box too 🙂 Definitely need to have a go at making that breakfast with the granola it looks so healthy! Have a lovely weekend hun 🙂 xxx


  2. The Jordans simply granola looks so tasty and the perfect breakfast for me. I have never tried lentils and I don’t eat crisps but those crisps look yummy, may have to try some x


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