Thea Skincare: Chocolate Body cream & Lavender Scrub



Hello guys,

Do you remember my post a couple of weeks ago about the gorgeous Anthea and her skincare range Thea Skincare? If not then have a little read or a refreshment here, as today I am going to be showing some more of the beautiful range, and actually my favourite products.

It is so important what we use on our skin as much as it is what we put into our bodies. Since being introduced to the brand it has made me make lifestyle changes for the better, and I am not consciously opting for Organic and natural products just like Thea promises. I even have my heart set on creating some DIY beauty projects at home, but whilst they haven’t quite got underway (LAZY) I got the chance to try a divine body cream, and a relaxing body scrub.



Dry Skin Lavender Souffle Body Scrub 200ml Β£21.95


Lavender Body Scrub

In terms of being a natural scrub this really is the best you can use. I am a genuine lavender convert, as prior to this I tried synthetic, man made products, and one specific face wash nearly put me off for life- it was so overpowering! However with the scrub here it is natural and uses the best ‘ingredients’ so it wasn’t powerful at all, and actually smelled rather pleasant, I am so shocked! The scrub’s base is made of sugar grains that work perfectly to exfoliate dry skin, whilst soothing and relaxing you with the essential oils. The natural oils and vitamin E ensure that your skin has enough moisture despite removing dead skin and promoting circulation. This is a real winner to use before bed time as it will really relax you and set you up for a good nights sleep. This is a surprise gem for me, and I would recommend it even if you don’t like lavender!




Chocolate Mint and Kukui Spa Body Creme, 200ml Β£22.95



Chocolate Mint and Kukui Body creme

If you buy one thing, I implore you to put this top of your list. This is luxurious, moisturising and good enough to eat. I love anything that has chocolate in it- you name it, edible or not (this is a recent thing surprisingly enough). The menthol and peppermint are great ingredients well known for their cooling properties and they do just that in this genius formula. I only wish that I had owned this when I had horrendous sunburn over Summer as it really restores your skin but calms it down. The coca butter is perfect for those with eczema and also those with stretch mark worries or existing ones, I am lucky enough to have a few (SOB) so I am hoping that this will hide a multitude of sins. Like most of Thea’s products this also have Vitamin E which is a complete skincare essential! The formula of the cream seems thick on application but seeps into your skin very quickly, and doesn’t leave a residue at all, which I was a little apprehensive about as you never know how a formula will be without stabilisers and synthetic preserves.




Even though I was impressed with my facial skincare products these have definitely outmatched them. I would 100 percent repurchase both, despite the small pots still lasting me two weeks and having a little way to go. They really are well worth the money and work with all different skin types, and with Winter on the way I am looking forward to feeding my skin the extra moisture that it needs!

Check them out here if you fancied indulging

28 thoughts on “Thea Skincare: Chocolate Body cream & Lavender Scrub

  1. They both sound lovely but I am more drawn to the chocolate one mmm!! I blog all about natural/organic skincare so if you’re looking for more recommendations or need any advice, let me know πŸ˜€ xx


  2. The two scents sound amazing, lavender is the best smell for relaxing and chocolate and mint sounds delicious! Not heard of this brand before so will check them out πŸ™‚ Hope youre having a nice weekend! xxx


  3. Love your pictures! I should explore taking pictures outdoor but I live no where near a beach! The products sounds delicious, I’m always too lazy when it comes to my body, I should really use my body creams and scrubs especially this Autumn/ Winter xxx


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