‘Life starts all over again, when it gets crisp in the fall’ F. Scott Fitzgerald

With the start of Autumn and the school term beginning it’s no wonder we have a divided opinion on September. I am expecting to be inundated with posts telling me how much we love roaring fires, Autumn Fashion, the comfort food and Starbucks seasonal drinks, am I right? I actually favour Autumn & Winter because it’s quieter outside- outside denoting to the real world around us, less people means minimal stress. I like the cold lashing air on my face to wake me up in the morning whilst watching fierce crashing waves on the beach. I like to be able to see people in clothing, and not arse flossing belts, and be able to wear as many layers as I can possibly fit onto my body. For some reason the colder months make me feel more like myself.


Over the last couple of months I have been indulging in a few purchases to stock up my wardrobe with key trans seasonal pieces. This month was the last of any shopping as I really want to save up a little bit of money for my 21st and also make sure I have enough money for Christmas without feeling under pressure. I made sure that my mini haul included chunky knitwear, rollnecks, a gilet, some Winter boots and some necessary faux leather, & I have started wearing my prescription glasses again…




Cream Faux Fur Gilet





KARVIE Boots £10

Wonderland Clothing  are the nicest girls on Social Media, and I knew as soon as I got chatting to them that I needed to make a purchase. I’ve previously bought leather shorts, but they’ve turned out to be arse skimming hot pants, and as much as that may rock some people’s worlds I wanted a nice Autumn pair that I could wear with tights and chunky knits. These were the perfect pick and such a great price; I tend to browse other sites when I find an item I like to see a price comparison and Wonderland were the best I could find!

Chockers are my go to shoe shop at the moment. They are approx double what Everything5Pounds can offer, but for sometimes better quality and a huge range of styles that are easily searchable. I have bought a few things off the site so far, however I have had a few hit and miss purchases- ie some white faux croc sandals that turned Neon Green after getting wet?! However the boots have been sure winners everytime I have picked any up and are long lasting and comfortable.

I don’t need to tell you about New Look & Missguided, but what I will say is if you are looking for a gilet the New Look one I purchased is the softest, thickest one I have come into contact with since shopping for one in the last few years, it’s gorgeous. Missguided have an awesome selection of knitwear and despite the Spring and Summer collections being quite thin and cheap, the khaki roll neck I purchased is a lot better than other pieces I own and think that it will be a lot more durable.

Have you stocked up on any Autumn pieces to carry you to Winter? 


50 thoughts on “‘Life starts all over again, when it gets crisp in the fall’ F. Scott Fitzgerald

  1. I am in love with Autumn..and I definitely can’t wait to layer up. Today is the first day where we felt the cold here in Ireland and I have to say I loved it. Not because it was cold but because I know that I can layer up and wear the deep dark colours which I so love. I’m so excited! Love your shorts and the outfit! ❤


  2. Ahh I’ve been looking for a gilet that’s not too expensive and I love that cream one- it looks soo soft. I might have to make a cheeky order myself!

    You look gorgeous by the way 🙂


  3. Lovely post hun. Good to find some new stores to shop. I really need a cream gilet. And can you please send me an upclose picture of the boots. Looking for some inexpensive ones and considering chockers. x


  4. What a gorgeous outfit for autumn! Absolutely love you in glasses too,really completes the look! I need some roll neck tops too, I’m after a cream one not sure where to look though! Love the fluffy gilet too they are my favourite piece for a/w! xxx


  5. I love Autumn and layering up… I hate my collar bone so being able to wear a scarf over it to cover it up makes me feel so much better about myself… I honestly think that’s #1 reason why I love Fall… the clothes make me feel good! 😀

    You look great btw, I love the beach and water in the background 🙂



  6. Honestly love your hair style and glasses, you look really smart like an executive! I’m really looking forward to Christmas right now, maybe because I hate the great spider season, and I’m working on the Christmas Gifts guide lol. Loving this year’s A/W colours! xxx


  7. The cream gilet over the khaki jumper is perfect!!! I’ve been trying to get some more Autumn/Winter pieces but it’s hard since it’s still quite warm here (with the occasional cooler day!) and trying on jumpers and coats in the heat is awful! I’m like you too, I much prefer the cooler seasons, layering is the best!


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