Scarlett Fashion: Sugarhill Boutique Cactus Dress

I can’t be the only one who gets fed up seeing every other girl in either the same clothing as you, or a replica of shop windows. Sure I follow Fashion and definitely hit the shops for the hottest new pieces, but now and then it’s nice own something original and dress out of the box. That’s certainly what my new dress from Scarlett Fashion does and more. I tried to make the most of the sunshine when it did pop out the other day, and was over the moon that I was able to whip about this gorgeous number.

Cactus Dress by Sugarhill


First things first, I am in love with the cut out back, when I say in love I mean I REAAAALY am. The front of the dress is seemingly demure and buttoned to the bottom, but the peeking cut out of the back of the dress is so feminine and quirky. I also love the high low design of the dress making it perfect for any occasion whether it’s casual day to day wear or whether you are intending on going for a meal/drinks. For me it makes a perfect day dress, with a unique and original print- I haven’t seen a cactus print dress anywhere and I immediately knew I wanted it.



I went for a really natural, laidback look with the dress and I think it was exactly what it needed. I couldn’t resist the inclusion of my black cleated soles as I practically live in them, but I kept my jewellery and make-up to a minimum to make this the perfect shopping outfit.

The gorgeous lady of Scarlett Fashion can be found at:


36 thoughts on “Scarlett Fashion: Sugarhill Boutique Cactus Dress

  1. Such a gorgeous dress on you,looking amazing!! Completely agree about fashion, its good to shop in different more unique places! Although i am a sucker for quite a lot of trends haha xxx


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