My first Degustabox

Hello guys,

Today I wanted to share with you my first Degustabox for ‘August’, which I received last week. I used to be a former addict of Beauty subscription boxes, and once I managed to pull myself away from them I became addicted to boxes like Hello Fresh and Gousto, finally after leaving them all behind along comes Degustabox. It comes in at only £12.99 a month for 9-14 surprise products with most of them being completely new to the market. This is FINALLY the sort of box I want to stick with, and I will show you why!



For review purposes I was lucky enough to be able to try both the alcohol & non alcohol option for the box, which was amazing because I fell in love with BOTH. Everyone received the Cawton press carton £1.89(3 pack) and the Berry White juice £1.59, but the Caribbean Twist was the alcohol option, and two very cute glasses of Ginger Beer and Tonic water from Fever Tree £1.69 each were the non-alcohol option.  The Cawton press juice was delicious, and even though they are aimed at kids I would love these for my lunches and to have at home for a quick refreshment. The Berry white juice however just wasn’t to my taste, I really tried to like it but my bottle was smashed in transit and ended up with glass in my drink, so despite the overly sweet taste I was put off BUT the customer service team were fantastic when I alerted them, but the juice wasn’t for me.

My Favourites


My favourite from the box had to be the ginger beer. After reading the information card I had high expectations for the brand and they were actually exceeded. The flavour of the ginger beer was gradually warming in the throat, and eventually firey! It was amazing, and actually outmatched other ginger beers I enjoy when I am out. I will definitely be repurchasing this.


The Caribbean twist has now become a favourite for both Pete and I, so much so that I actually repurchased the very next day and picked up a mango one. However the Strawberry Daiquiri was gorgeous, and far exceeded expectations of being a cheap cocktail, and tasted like deliciously tantalising sherbet, it was gorgeous.

A few sweet treats


Brioche Pasquier pain au lait £1.69 & Brioche Pasquier Croissants £1.79

This was a pleasant surprise to receive in the box, firstly because I have never tried brioche buns before, and secondly because I am besotted with croissants. These were honestly the softest croissants I have ever eaten, and stayed that way for about a week which was amazing, they were sweet, indulgent and buttery without any added filling. I left the brioche buns to Pete because I actually wasn’t sure what to eat with them, but he seemed to enjoy them!



LINDT HELLO Just for You Heart Chocolate Tin £3.49

What girl doesn’t want to receive chocolates in the post? Even better when they are in a delicate, pretty little heart shaped box, and taste like creaminess and cocoa. I would definitely hope someone would repurchase these for me *hint hint* and if they don’t I think they would make a cute little present and are well worth every penny.


DR. OETKER Edible wafer cases £2.50

I have to be honest and admit this is the only product I am yet to try, and just simply haven’t had a chance. However they sound like a fantastic idea, and I am recently getting back into baking now I finished my last Uni assignment so will definitely be trialling these and updating you all with how they turn out.

Something Savoury


SCHWARTZ 2x£1.39 Flavour shots


The Schwartz shots are super handy at giving your dinner bags of flavour and turning something seemingly bland into delicious. We had run out of any sauces, tomatoes or anything remotely liquid so having the paprika stir in was amazing. It gave the chicken a fantastic flavour, and I can’t wait to try the Fajita pot.


Mexican Dave’s Tortillas £1

These babies are now available in Tesco and I can’t wait to stock up on some more. They were a salty, delicious treat and actually rival my old favourite Doritos. They are a fantastic price, packed full of flavour and I can’t wait to snap up some chilli and cheese to coat them for an indulgent evening.

If the boxes weren’t good enough value as they are anyway, I have a £3 OFF code for you lovely ladies & gents:


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31 thoughts on “My first Degustabox

  1. I LOVE cooking with the flavour shots, the thai red curry one is absolutely delicious! I also really like the Pasquier pastries – the croissants truly are delicious! 🙂

    Maddie x


  2. This is a fantastic box. Brioche Pasquier is our favourite brioche brand, none other are as good as theirs (discounting freshly baked from bakeries hehe), the chocolate tin is so cute I would expect it from a Valentine’s box, the cupcake case wafer?? How does that work I wonder I must check that out! Everything is good! I have seen previous boxes that aren’t as appealing this changed my mind! xxx


  3. Great post! Food boxes look so fun and great for trying out new stuff! When I was last in England I picked up a bottle of the mango Caribbean Twist and it was delicious. I love fruity drinks like that. I live in France & the Brioche Pasquier comes from here and so you can find tons of it in every shop. I love toasting the croissants and filling them with jam, yummy! 🙂

    -Paige |


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