My Skincare Journey with Magnitone Lucid




As you guys may already know I have been undertaking a renewed Skincare journey with new and exciting products, and also changing my cleansing routine completely. I may not be able to eliminate other factors such as stress, and curb my naughty food habits (just yet), but I have found another hero product for you which I can safely say is WELL worth the money. I would never endorse a product unless I actually see results for myself, and I have been using this day and night for weeks!

The Magnitone Lucid is a true rival to other face brush products on the market that I have tried previously. Sometimes you can pick up a true bargain and it will be amazing, but that really is a rarity. I trialled a £20 face cleanser and it was horrendous, it was slow, ran on batteries and couldn’t be charged, and was a dull white colour! With the Magnitone Fashion series coming in at £50 more you will actually save money and time, and your skin will thank you! I love the choices of colours to reflect personalities, thanks to this range being tailored to Fashion (a sure fire winner to me), and it’s small enough to be taken away with you on holiday, and weekends especially when you purchase the travel case.


Magnitone Lucid Facial Cleansing & Exfoliating Brush – Plush Pink £69.99*



The main thing I love about the Lucid is the choice of two cleansing modes, dependent on your skin type- this is easily altered by literally the click of a button (the white power button). The Magnitone also turns itself off when the full time of the cleansing routine has been reached, which is really handy as I could go on for eternity and need to know when to stop, as you need to be delicate with your skin. The bristles are also  SO soft, I can’t even explain how lovely they feel, which also makes it really easy to clean. I left my Lucid on charge for about 12 hours when I first received it, and have been using it for two weeks so far and it hasn’t ran out- I am VERY impressed. However when I do need to charge it, it has a really handy magnetised charger which means it’s great for travel, staying in place and no need for a lead to plug into the Magnitone.

You can choose from pink, yellow, blue and green dependent on your preference and to showcase your style! Despite the aesthetics being tailored and focused on it definitely doesn’t detract from the Lucid’s ability. I like to use mine with Nip & Fab cleansing wash, or sometimes the Dragon’s Blood Mask, this is complete personal preference and no promotion intended, you can use whatever products you like! Your skin will feel fresh and clear whilst your pores unclog without being harsh on your skin.

22 thoughts on “My Skincare Journey with Magnitone Lucid

  1. Oooh sounds lovely! There is nothing nicer than having clear, smooth skin! Luckily I’m blessed with a nice type of skin, however my terrible eating habits are starting to take it’s toll with little pimples and spots popping up. I have seen these advertised over a few blogs & Im thinking I might just have to purchase one soon 🙂
    Rebecca xxx


  2. I’ve been following your skincare posts as I struggle with spots really badly and it’s nice to know there’s someone else out there who understands as it helps 🙂 x


  3. I’ve heard so much about these lately! Its really good that it tells you how long to cleanse for, my skins really sensitive so i think i would just worry about it making my skin raw but i think its a great little tool 🙂 xxx


  4. You haven’t charged it for 2 weeks? Wow, that’s amazing! I’ve always wanted a brush like this, I definitely think it’s worth investing if you find the product works great! Plus it’s pink… so that is a good enough reason to buy it…lol!



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