House of Fraser sale styling

There’s nothing more satisfying than lusting over an item, being too poor to snap it up straight away, and then spying it in the sale! The exact item and the exact size you needed but cheaper! This is a genuine rarity, and when it does happen I have a little celebratory dance or two, and enjoy the item even more than if I had to pay full price for it. When the reverse happens, like what frequently happens to me, when you buy an item full price and see it in the sale my heart feels like it’s been ripped, so always keep your eye out for department sales like House of Fraser as you can pick up some beauties.

My item of the moment is definitely pink pastel ‘leather’ jackets. I have a trusty black leather jacket that has been dragged everywhere with me, but I wanted an alternative to wear when I wanted to add some femininity to an outfit and a pastel edge. In Autumn and Winter we get drawn to darker colours and sometimes plainer fabrics, and they are gorgeous, but from time to time an injection of colour isn’t such a bad thing. I was a little worried that I would look like Barbie with my long blonde hair, and a pastel pink jacket but I think that I have styled it down to eradicate any likeness.


I toned my make-up down completely for this look. I eradicated the addictive red lipstick, softened my bronzer and avoided any highlighter. I love going for a matte look for everyday and didn’t want my make-up to be too bold. I also popped on my little Astrid and Miyu necklace, as it’s so delicate and pretty.


I styled the pink faux leather jacket with a basic grey marled skater dress from Missguided, which only set me back £9.99 before student discount. I also snapped up these very cute checked brogues from Asos Sale for £14. I am becoming such a sale snapper at the moment!



ASOS MMMBOP Lace Up Flat Shoes £14


Dorothy Perkins Petite Quilted Biker Jacket * £30





I aimed for quite a casual look with this post, and quite like how the greys and soft pastels create a College/University look. The brogues are a cute alternative to plain pumps, and don’t look too sports luxe like trainers would. The plain grey dress doesn’t look too sad with the beauty of the pastel biker jacket on top which really steals the show!

39 thoughts on “House of Fraser sale styling

  1. Always happens to me when i see an item in the sale a few weeks later, the worst feeling! Love this outfit, i have a similar dress and its so easy to pair with anything. Those brogues are so amazing too I’ve just bought another pair recently i just love the style of them 🙂 xxx


  2. I agree, the pink biker jacket really DOES steal the show! I love the outfit and your shoes!! I know I already told you on twitter last night but they are sooo cute! Oh and the necklace is also very pretty 🙂



  3. Love love love the necklace, I also like delicate jewellery hehe! I should really pop in to check out the sales, looks like I’ve missed some action! I love spotting something special and unique in sales 🙂 xxx


  4. OH MY GOD! This outfit babe?! I mean it is absolutely gorgeous. Despite the pastel colours it looks like you can really move this in to the AW season. By goodness, what a steallll? I love sales and cannot wait for January to hit us because I am going to go wilddddddd now I have money again after the wedding. Gorgeous!!!
    Rebecca xxx


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