Cheers to my new favourite: Little Miracles drinks



The biggest complaint and excuse amongst us all for not committing to healthier foods and options is that they either taste horrible, worse than the ‘junk food’ we indulge in or simply don’t give us the instant energy/make us full enough. Well since I found you all a lovely healthy alternative to crisps yesterday I have a yummy energy boosting drink for you today with lots of health benefits.

I personally don’t indulge in many fizzy drinks as I don’t enjoy them, but have frequent glasses of squash, cups of caffeinated tea and coffee and concentrated juice. I have recently become accustomed to iced tea, and even attempted to make some at home myself, however my attempt resulted in an over sugared mess, this certainly isn’t what you get with Little Miracles. Retailing at £1.59* in my favourite BOOTS and SUPERDRUG, and the usual popular supermarkets such as TESCO, SAINSBURYS, TESCO, WAITROSE, and the handy BP garage, the list goes on and you can be sure that they are easy to find to sample, which I recommend you do!









My personal favourite has to be the organic Lemongrass tea, orange juice & ginger drink. I have never been a fan of lemongrass in food particularly Thai dishes I have tried but the balance of flavours in this drink works perfectly with a lingering after taste of ginger which is lovely. The flavours of the drinks aren’t too strong or sweet allowing them to be refreshing and not likened to the other unhealthy drinks on the market.

Little Miracles is created with organic tea and aims to be an organic soft drink with vibrant fruits that refresh, boost and revitalise your body naturally. It’s time to bin the nasty chemical induced energy drinks, the fizzy drinks and plain tea as these are delicious. They are less than 90 calories per drink, and free from any NASTIES ie artifical flavours, colours and sweeteners which is what we should all aim to avoid at all costs. Introducing healthier drinks & foods into our life shouldn’t be a chore and doesn’t have to lack on flavour which is proven by these gorgeous drinks.


Convenience for me is key like all of us who have busy lifestyles. The simple things make all the difference and having a bottle is already a convenience, but also the ‘soft drink’ style oppose to soda which other companies have tried to create, I much prefer to have something soft with oodles of flavour and energy boosting qualities.




So what’s the secret?

Little Miracles use Panax Ginseng in it’s purest form which kickstarts a natural boost for the body! Panax Ginseng has been widely used in Chinese Medicine for centuries and known for it’s health benefits, whilst the name dropped black-purple Acai berries provide you with antioxidants and fibre. Not only are the ingredients carefully chosen, they taste amazing and give you lots of energy for your busy days ahead.

If you are a soda sipper, a fizzy drink fanatic or a diet dodger I couldn’t recommend these any-more as they don’t taste low fat, they don’t have a nasty artificial flavour and are a yummy way to get a natural energy boost.

You can find Little Miracles here:




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