‘Love without the handles’: Popchips

Cravings & hunger pangs. We all have them, and sometimes leaving them and not giving into hunger makes us decide on unhealthy food choices. I for one know that I am always reaching for bags of crisps, sandwiches and chips, in fact I decided on the name Blondeofcarbs because I’m in a fully committed relationship with them. Alas, NAUGHTY carbs such as crisps tend to make us pile on the pounds, can make us grouchy and unsatisfied, here’s where Popchips come in. I have always been curious about them since Katy Perry’s endorsement and now I see what all the fuss is about.


POPCHIPS retail at 75p* and can be found in all the supermarkets and regularly shopped hotspots such as Boots which is where I like to buy mine as it’s really convenient if you’re in town. I sampled ORIGINAL, BBQ & SOUR CREAM&ONION, and since trying the packets I have already made a re-purchase because I can’t get enough of them.

They are less than 100 calories per serving which is approx 18 chips, which sounds small but are surprisingly filling. When I delve into an ordinary bag of crisps I find myself reaching for the multi pack bag and could eat them until I was sick, however I have one bag of Popchips & my cravings are fulfilled and I don’t feel the need to keep eating. They also taste AMAZING, I thought the original bag would be really boring (sorry), but they were so tasty and salty, I actually prefer them to ready salted crisps and the BBQ Popchips have a real taste explosion.


Why are they popped? Instead of unhealthy frying, baking to create a cardboard taste they add heat, pressure and POP! They are less than half the fat of ordinary crisps which is great news for us crisp chasers, there’s no cholesterol (which my doctor actually told me off for) and 0 grams of trans fat. They have NO NASTIES ie no added colours, flavours, preservatives AND they don’t make my pretty clothes all greasy and gross from ‘accidental’ hand wiping.


The handy clip was obviously in case I didn’t want to eat a whole bag, but I am afraid that didn’t happen, I got snack happy! However the bags seem to be really preserving compared to the thin, cheap bags from other brands, and they really do fill you up and half a bag would be enough for a snack.




The flavour ratings



Original for me is worthy of a 5/5 star rating. It is a great replacement if you are addicted to crisps like I am, and the saltiness makes them seem indulgent. They are really filling without an overpowering taste or ‘cardboard’ likeness that the baked chips have. If you haven’t tried them before this would be the ones I would say GO TRY.



BBQ comes in at close second for me, and is great if you want a flavour punch to resolve your grumbling hunger pangs. I would give these a 4/5 but only because the original are THE BEST in my opinion, and my partner found these a little strong for him (but I just think he’s a wuss). I think strong flavours work well when you are substituting a lower fat item for something that previously gave you immediate energy, I would say go for this if you like flavoured crisps and aren’t a ready salted fan.



Aren’t you supposed to leave the best until last? Well I have to apologise as these were my least loved flavour. I enjoy Sour cream and onion/chive flavours so much, alongside cheese and onion crisps and sandwiches so when I tasted these my mind kind of just had a question mark. I am not sure what I expected, but the flavour tasted like the smell of cheese and unfortunately that for me wasn’t a winner. I definitely WOULDN’T say don’t try because I think you should as everyone’s flavour preferences vary. They are still super filling and an awesome alternative to normal crisps, but I just preferred the other two flavours.

Overall I LOVE POPCHIPS and think they will become my daily snack habit from now on.

You can find POPCHIPS here:




28 thoughts on “‘Love without the handles’: Popchips

  1. I have seen these at the store but have never bought them because I didn’t think they would be that tasty… but now I’m definitely going to try them! I’ll be sure to get the Original kind! πŸ™‚



  2. Walkers do crisps like these and they’re delicious – and so much better for you than the proper thing. I’m going to have to pick a packet of these up now and try them πŸ™‚
    Maddie x


  3. Been in love with Pop Chips, you can get those giant share bags from Costco and we always have them during family gatherings πŸ™‚ Love the candy one (pink) too which is a mix of sweet and salty flavour! xxx


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