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Some of you lovely guys & gals will already have a pet sat at home, probably cosying up whilst reading this, or on the other hand shooing it out of the room so you can have some peace. I long for a pet, in fact I have a long list of wishes such as a kitten, a pug, a lizard, a rabbit and a snake, but I don’t think that they would agree with adoption in my tiny little box flat (and neither would I really). Instead of actually owning a pet I just awww and oooh at people’s Instagram uploads, ‘Fleabag Friday’, and look for cute clothing & accessories that I can wear.

The ‘Pugs not Drugs’ slogan became really popular with brands a few years ago, but I never managed to get my mitts on any of it. Instead Celeb Look had this amazing ‘PUG LIFE‘ jumper which I just couldn’t get over. It was everything I wanted and needed, being the perfect accompaniment to an Autumn/Winter wardrobe renewal.






Celeb Look: Pug Life Long Sleeve Sweater £7*


Casio Watch £20 ASOS


Atelier Eyewear Customised ‘Bowery’ £265




Purple Woven Chunky Flatform Plimsolls


Deciding how to pair my jumper was a tough decision. I notoriously make feminine Fashion choices but with this jumper I wanted to ensure that I created an Autumn look with an edge. I actually really love Sports Luxe, Sportswear and Tomboy trends so once I had pieced together what I wanted to wear I loved the outcome. The monochrome Aztec trousers are a bold statement without bringing in too many clashing prints and colours so they paired with the jumper perfectly. The slip ons are becoming a regular choice for me and are one of New Look’s finest shoe picks at the moment. The Casio watch has such a retro/vintage look & is a casual, everyday look that can accessorise most outfits, and despite previously NEVER wearing watches I find myself incorporating them into my outfits everyday now.

How do you like styling the sporty/casual look for Autumn/Winter? I would love to hear your ideas!

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35 thoughts on “Pug Life OOTD

  1. I don’t have a pet either but i follow so many people with pugs on instagram they are sooo cute! Love the jumper and those aztec print trousers are gorgeous!! I love dressing casually in autumn, mostly big chunky jumpers with ripped jeans and plimsols! xxx


  2. This pug just made me swoon it’s so so cute. I really want a puggle dog they’re super cute! Love the look though, totally rocking those aztec trousers, so gorgeous!x


  3. very cute outfit! my sister in law looooves pugs! i’m not much of a pet person, i am awful with pets, sadly. i’ve had about 6 cats that have all ran away, a bird that died, a fish that died and two hamsters that died (one after a week of getting it but the other one lived a good hamster-long life! yay! lol) i also prefer to just oooh and awww at pet photos on instagram 😀



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