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Holy Grail: Beauty Works Hair pieces

Way back in April/May I had glue in extensions applied to my hair shortly after I had it cut into condition. Now some people really suit short hair, they have a gorgeous bone structure & envious facial features, well that’s not me! I like long hair as a comfort blanket, and have longed for nice hair all my life, despite frequently going for the chop. My extensions were applied pretty badly, in fact my hair wasn’t layered at all and I had to go home and cut my own hair into shape, so when Beauty Works came into my life it was a god send. I have now relied heavily on their products for months to give me the confidence, and you will see their extensions and hair pieces in nearly ALL of my posts on my blog.

Today I want to share two of my favourite pieces from the site which is the ‘Messy Bun’ & ‘Double Volume Hair piece’, both which create really on trend hair looks & can be teased & styled in a number of ways to create a versatile look.

My hair BEFORE ( I am slowly getting my glue ins out)


My HOLY GRAIL has to be the

Double Volume Straight Instant Weave £44.99 *

If you want the true look of permanent extensions without the damage, hassle and commitment then I couldn’t recommend this highly enough. This is my second hair piece, and if you are wearing it daily it should last you about 6 months with the correct care and effort. I make sure that I use a tangle teezer as the hair is as delicate if not more than the hair on your head as it won’t regenerate. My natural hair is pretty shiny as I do lots of treatments, but if yours isn’t then I would recommend using dry shampoo to tone down the shine, and also some very mild back combing as it creates a more natural look, than TOO styled. The hair fits in place with fine tooth combs, that secure into the bottom of your hair, and one at the top, with a little hidden toggle that ensures it is tightly attached to your hair head & won’t fly off!! I like to create top knots, high buns and quiffs to cover the hair piece, but if your hair is long enough then it’s great to create layers with your own natural hair over the top for a really natural looking weave effect.


If you are looking for a sleeker style, or something that will be appropriate for work or messy hair days then the

Messy Beehive Bun £29.99 *

is your best bet. It is the easiest one I have had to apply, and stays nice and secure with a tightening toggle, as my main problems with ones in the past have been them not staying on, even before I leave the house!


me 2


My hair is going through a ‘what colour is that even’ stage unfortunately. My darker brunette roots are coming through, and after a dying faux par you can spot some gingery tones going on amongst the bleach so you will have to forgive my sorry state. I actually really like the ombre effect created with my roots and the lighter bun as that’s what my natural hair looks like. It took me about 2 minutes to create this hair look, as I literally scraped all my hair back into a small bun, and popped this on top, it is one of the easiest hairstyles to create but perfect if your own hair isn’t thick enough to create a nice looking bun with a doughnut.

If you want to check out the lovely lot at Beauty Works then follow them here(they have saved my hair life!):




31 thoughts on “Holy Grail: Beauty Works Hair pieces

  1. sorry to hear your extensions weren’t put in properly, I’ve never had extensions before but sometimes I want them! I used to have long hair and then I cut it a little above my shoulder… as soon as I did that, I MISSED MY LONG HAIR! Of course nowadays I am always pulling it back… but that might be because it’s at that awkward length where no matter what you do with it it just looks WEIRD lol! I used to think of my long hair as a comfort blanket too, especially in school when I was so shy and nervous. Now I have it pulled back, I guess that does show I’m a lot more confident about myself than I ever was in school… wow, I’m making a confidence statement and I didn’t even know about it! lol!


    • I know exactly what you mean, I alllwayys tie my hair back nowadays it’s just easy!! & definitely feel like long hair was the thing to have at school and I always looked like a tomboy, you look gorgeous as you are, dont get extensions! xx


  2. Shoot, I hit the “Post comment” button on accident! I wanted to add that I think both hairstyles look great on you, but I really love the first one with the “double volume straight instant weave” — looks nice! 🙂



  3. It’s a shame your extensions weren’t put on properly and you had to cut it yourself, if you’re paying for a service you’d think they would sort it out for you! Both extensions really suit you, and you have lovely natural hair too 🙂 xx


  4. Your hairs gorgeous!! Just love the shade and these extensions looks so real and I love how much volume they give!! I have used glue in extensions and the ring ones that you also melt/bond to your natural hair and they are a complete disaster 😦 I had to cut my hair to get them out so try to avoid extensions now apart from the clip in ones x ❤ | Giveaway


  5. I’ve comitted a lot of hair faux pas in the past and badly put in extensions were only one of them. I would have never thought that your hair wasn’t all real, though! On the pictures, it looks so heathy and shiny and gorgeous!
    Great post!
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes


  6. You look beautiful in these picture!? My hairs been such a mess lately & I’ve been tempted by hair pieces for a while, so I’m definitely going to keep these in mind for future reference!
    Though my hair is always at an awkward phase, all over the place & such an odd colour haha.

    -sarah xo


    • Haha thank you darling! I think they actually look more natural over time as I have one that’s 6 months & it looks like my own hair but I think it’s always nice to get a new one 😉 xxx


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