Modern day Mermaid


As a child ‘Why the hell am I not a mermaid?’ was a frequential question I asked myself. This was back in the day, way before mermaids were smothered with tattoos, piercings and punked up to resemble some sort of car crash. I mean I love tattoos and piercings, but can we leave Disney alone! (That just reminded me of ‘Leave Britney alone’ and I wish it hadn’t!).

SO being an Etsy browser rather than a shopper I aptly created a mini want/wish and long list for the modern day mermaid.


Mermaids usually wear seashell crop tops right, well we are in 2014 guys it’s all about the 90’s seashell halterneck. I was also very nearly sucked into the green sequinned skirts, that are so overworn but so beautiful. However this Asos number really caught my eye, and would look swishy and beautiful on the beach. No mermaid would be seen without sea salted tousled locks & Davine’s sea salt spray is a favourite of mine. White nails and a tan just looks plain pretty mermaid or not. And if you have your belly pierced then don’t feel left out as this little seahorse from Argos is adorable! Modern day mermaid or not you will NOT be wearing shoes, obviously we don’t have a tail (or do we) so I picked out this gorgeous ankle chain which looks HOT for the beach, alongside the super cute seashell necklace.

26 thoughts on “Modern day Mermaid

  1. Oh I love mermaids! Sure I don’t know how to swim but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to be one πŸ˜€ Love the ankle chain and the shell necklace is SO NICE!! Love it! Great picks πŸ™‚



  2. I wish i was a mermaid too hun every day 😦 I always look out for them when im by the sea hehe! Love the wishlist,the crop top is my fav!! xxx


  3. this post appeals to me so much as I’m an Ariel fangirl/Disney nerd (as obvious by my blog name)! love the top from Etsy, I need it! ❀ xx


  4. I love the ankle chain – beautiful! I am also quite attached to the seashell crop top too! : )

    I am another Ariel/Little Mermaid fan!

    Danielle x


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