Obsession: MixMatchMe ‘Online Closet’

Clueless has become somewhat of a cult obsession in the last year, but for me I was always obsessed with the digital closet at the beginning of the film. I love to create outfits in my head, and I also obsess over online shopping. However being Petite and having blonde hair some things just don’t look the same as on the hanger. We then we move on to the dilemma of what to pair the item with, do you chance it when it arrives to find something in your closet, or buy something online to pair it with? WELL instead of all this fretting and wondering MixMatchMe have all the answers and more. With the reality of a dream closet, and the selections of  items at your fingertips to buy with a touch of a button I AM IN HEAVEN.

Working with Social Media everyday means that I am glued to the laptop for sometimes 19 hours & is mainly why I shop online. MixMatchMe means I can gather Fashion inspiration and the look & price of a whole outfit at the same time- amazing! I have created some gorgeous outfits so far that I wanted to share with you lovely lot.

To check them out on MixMatchMe to shop the look click HERE



GEEK CHIC Outfit £229






SPORTS CHIC Outfit £182


For me I love to see how much I am spending to complete an outfit, often I will buy pieces that either don’t become a wardrobe staple or eventually find out they don’t go with anything! If you really are on a budget then I would use this as a basis for finding cheaper alternatives to create a similar look. I love the virtual manikin idea, it helps me experiment with colours & prints, and see what  you can mix together for a successful pairing or perfect clash.

If you decide to get into the APP or online site then do let me know so I can follow your looks!

You can follow MixMatchMe here:






22 thoughts on “Obsession: MixMatchMe ‘Online Closet’

  1. Totally unique, I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’m not much of an online shopper when it comes to clothes but if I was I could totally see me using this a lot! Really like the outfits you came up with, especially the 4th look 🙂



  2. I’ve never heard of MixMatchMe before, but I love the concept. It reminds me of a doll dress up game I used to play as a kid. 😛 Really like the idea that it calculates the outfit price for you as well. x


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