Rock on Ruby: Ode to the 90’s



Memories. Love them or hate them, we’ve all got them. 90’s nostalgia seems omnipresent lately, and not just through Fashion, I can see it seeping it through everywhere. Raise your hand if you’re fed up with 90’s Fashion, Throwbacks and Pinterest boards…I would probably leave right now then, because I am NOT bored.

I had a pretty tough upbringing, but somehow I have conditioned my mind to only think about the superbly hilarious qualities the 90’s held and also my fondest memories. No matter what era you grew up in, a simple image of a game, a single note of a track or a particular smell and you are transported straight back there. I love the 90’s so much so, that I have decided to not let go. I purchased a couple of tops from Rock on Ruby after seeing them splashed across my Instagram( it was pretty hard to resist) & have created a 90’s throwback inspired look. I decided to team my new Ruby rocks crop with some high waisted daisy Mom jeans & some ankle strap stilettos.











As much as I love 90’s throwback fashion, this shit just isn’t nostalgic enough for me yet SOOOOO let’s see if these montages jolt your memory…


There are WAY too many shows that could be included in a nostalgic 90’s post but the best to be mentioned have to be: Rugrats, Sabrina, Are you afraid of the dark?, AMANDA SHOWWWW, Round the twist, Two of a kind, Sweet Valley High,  & Saved by the bell! Literally I was plonked in front of the tele as a child with multi bags of crisps, so television is unfortunately a slight obsession that overclouds my memories.


BASICALLY 90’s was full of tacky jewellery, accessories, games and I bloody love it! Tattoo necklaces are clearly back (ergh), and the aptly named ‘shag bands’ ( at my school anyway…hoping it wasn’t actually a brothel) AND those awesome blow up chairs that I would totally have right now. I also used to have a Barbie Fashion Designer kit, which was pretty much rubbing pencils and crayons over a moulded pattern underneath- so much for designing it yourself eh?!

If you’re listening 90’s I want you BACK, 2014 SUCKS.

Fancy a treat especially for THROWBACK THURSDAY,

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34 thoughts on “Rock on Ruby: Ode to the 90’s

  1. I seriously need a Rock on Ruby tee, i just need to think of a cool quote now hehe! The jeans are amazing too, i just love the 90s too! My all time fave show had to be Sabrina, i secretly still watch the dvd now haha xxx


  2. Love the outfit you put together and omg… 90’s cartoons… so many memories! I absolutely loved Doug, Rocket Power, the Wild Thornberrys, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Rugrats, the Angry Beavers, Hey Arnold! and As Told By Ginger.. and that’s all I can think of right now lol! Such good shows, would be awesome if they would still air on TV!!



  3. I used to LOVE rugrats when I was little! I still love 90’s fashion, I found a picture of me the other day in dungarees and a pair of white and pink nike air max at about the age of three…
    Maddie x


  4. Total nostalgia! Wish we could turn back time and go back to the 90s just for one day. Really like your outfit too. Those jeans are too cool for school! 😛 x


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