Dirt + Diamonds: An urban fairytale

Dirt + Diamonds are an independent Fashion brand that caught my eye instantly with their bold, unique designs and their take on the fairytale theme. They design and produce their clothing in the UK where each garment is individually hand printed, ensuring that you have a one of a kind piece with love and care injected into it, a contrast to the mass produced high street clothing. They currently stock hand printed Tees & vests which are Unisex & range from £26-£35.


Despite the gorgeous prints, colours and patterns I decided on the ‘Fairy Fish Vest‘. You can’t go wrong with monochrome any-time of the year and I loved the low side cut of the vest. I fell in love with the design & it has reminiscal notes of the gorgeous Koi fish tattoos (which you either love or you hate). It didn’t take me long to decide how I wanted to style the vest;  I was waiting in anticipation for it to arrive as I just knew it would complete the outfit I had been waiting to wear for a long time.


Fairy Fish vest £26 *


N.L Black leather look mini £14.99/ASOS shirt £12/TOMS PVD Collection £40/MyFlashTrash Cross Earrings £7

I don’t tend to wear vests as a general rule, but I’ve decided I need to own more. I am always ‘borrowing’ Pete’s to wear, which is what I think is great about Dirt+Diamonds- sometimes I really fall in love with Men’s clothes, but can’t fit my stupidly short body into it! Since having an ASOS and New Look haul I have picked a few items that are really versatile and can be paired with lots of different looks, but when I purchased the faux leather skirt I created a look in my mind of pairing it with a vest and a shirt tied round my waist.

I tied the vest as a halterneck at the top to give a high neckline, and to bring up the low sides of the vest. I love wearing a low arm drop vest when I am wearing leggings or trousers, but I also like customising my clothes to suit my style. TOMS seemed like the appropriate footwear to wear with this look, and lately I am falling in love with the ‘slip on trend’. I also decided to feature my new My Flash Trash earrings from the sale for a bargain price of £7 as they are beautiful. I decided to add a little bit of curl to my hair today, and introduce a little more height, when I am wearing an outfit that is considerably more ‘Tomboyish’ than usual then I like my hair/make-up and accessories to be a little more girly.

What do you think of my new vest? Have you heard of Dirt+Diamonds before?

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27 thoughts on “Dirt + Diamonds: An urban fairytale

  1. I LOVE the way you have styled the vest..wouldn’t have thought of doing this at all, I would probably do leggings or jeans, really nice x


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