Day to Night with Missy Empire

Finding an outfit with enough versatility to wear day to night is a challenge; particularly when the British weather is so indecisive. Missy Empire tested me to see what my ‘creative’ mind came up with, and I actually found the whole styling experience to be quite enjoyable. The outfits I came up with were really wearable, and for the first time in a while I didn’t change into two/three outfits to suit what I was doing. The ‘Pre-blogger’ era in my life consisted of  wanting to wear outfits ONCE and ONCE only, and whilst this wasn’t practical with my Saturday shift in the hairdressers budget, I was in my uniform most of the week & then would buy a party outfit once a week, never to wear it again. This is not something I will ever do again. Layering, accessorising and DIY can change outfits dramatically for different weather and events- hey even Kate Middleton does it.

My outfits are styled with Missy Empire‘s gorgeous Lavender cream floral bodycon dress £20.99









I layered the bodycon dress with a Missguided knitted crop top with long sleeves, and paired my new metallic slips ons and leather look rucksack from New Look to complete the outfit. I am also loving my Regal Rose gear lately, and the choker is one of my favourite pieces. I couldn’t resist using my velvet scrunchie for my probably renowned ‘half top knot, half down do’, I don’t like to overstyle my hair for casual days and tend to leave it down a lot! I am a fan of heels and sandals, and was adamant that the slip ons were best saved for jeans or leggings, but I really love them with my bodycon dress.  I have become a bit besotted with dungarees, so the layered look with the dress is something I will definitely try and recycle.







The Summer nights are still light and warm, and my idea of ‘going out’ for the evening is either for a meal or going to the pub. I used to love clubbing when I was in college, but I think somehow it has lost it’s appeal to me. I love my New Look cleated sole heels that I picked up in the sale, and a little bit of height is a necessity for an evening out. My anklet and gold watch is from ASOS sale and believe it or not they were both a complete bargain. I decided to braid my hair; when I have a long evening out and it gets really hot my hair tends to get quite frizzy and  messy, so the braids keep it under control. The cute ‘mobile’ pink leather bag is also from ASOS, and is really handy when you don’t want a HUGE tote.

 I hope you liked my two way styling with the gorgeous Missy Empire, and it has inspired you to recycle some outfits!

30 thoughts on “Day to Night with Missy Empire

    • Thank you lovely, I was actually a little apprehensive hahah! It was such a bargain in ASOS sale but I think it has sold out now but keep your eyes open they have some good jewellery bargains xx


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