In the Style: Red lips Co-Ord

Looking back on 2014’s biggest trends this year, the two piece has to be one my favourites. I don’t own enough co-ord’s and am trying to fill my wardrobe with a few before the Autumn shopping begins. InTheStyle have built themselves up as a huge Fashion brand on social media with weekly Facebook & Twitter competitions, and they certainly know how to use it to their advantage. The clothes are beautifully self-explainable and it’s no wonder their popularity had shot even before the release of the ever lusted Lauren Pope collection. They have a wide range of co-ords and two pieces, featuring every cut and style imaginable so it wasn’t a surprise that I found something I loved.

Lips 1

Leanne Lip Print Co-ord £29.99

 I thought the price was fantastic for a thick, high quality piece with a vibrant, original print. My next choice was what I would style it with, and owning an abundance of bags it was a tough decision!

Lips 4

My Koala bear was from ‘The  Bear Factory’, and Peter bought it for me about 3 years ago for Valentines today, so it has a little special place in my heart. Despite the bold, loud print of the co-ord it still remains really feminine. The cut is true to size, and the shorts are a lovely length so they still have a tailored feel but aren’t too long or short; making them perfect for maintaining dignity and coverage during Summer.

What do you think of the co-ord and the print? Have you been loving the trend?

24 thoughts on “In the Style: Red lips Co-Ord

  1. I haven’t seen this print anywhere else, I hate it when you see the two pieces the same on loads of different sites this is very original 🙂


  2. I haven’t found any coord that I really love yet and I’m kinda afraid I won’t before they disappear from the shelves. I’m probably just a playsuit kind of girl.
    The print is really lovely!
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes


  3. This is such a fun co-ord love the print!! And how CUTE is your koala!! I’m such a sucker for cuddly teddies, love it 🙂 xx


  4. I THINK this looks good on you, just like everything else! 😀 I love the koala bear, so cute!! I still have teddy bears that my husband gave me when we were in high school, I don’t use them but I can’t throw them out!! haha too sad!



  5. You can’t beat a good co-ord! I’ve only got a couple myself but I love them and this one looks gorgeous on you, it reminds me of one I’ve seen on ASOS but I couldn’t get it in my size 😦


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