Want her dress: Styling a yellow shirt



Do you ever see a trend, style or colour and immediately think-‘wow that’s gorgeous but isn’t very me’, or ‘that looks lovely on her but would never suit me’, without even trying it on for size? This thought runs through my mind quite a lot when flicking through glossy magazines or rummaging through clothing stands and yet I have no idea what it will look like on me. I always avoided shorts as my legs are the largest part of my body, and being blonde I was always taught to avoid yellows as they would ‘clash with my hair’. Well today I am going to be breaking all the rules, after getting beautiful inspiration from Instagram on Yellow Shirt Lookbooks and have decided to create my own look with ‘Want Her Dress‘.



Sheer Blouse



SARA Peep Toe Ankle Boots £44


Shorts were my immediate thought when styling up the yellow shirt; runner shorts have been such a large focus of High Street Summer collections and are by far one of the comfiest trends I have encountered. Before going out I nearly reverted into my shell like a snail & went to put on a pair of plimpsoll trainers, and then I gave myself a telling off and wore these beautiful peep toe wedges,also from Want Her Dress. I love wearing heels, but sometimes shy away from the tell tale clip clop signals it sends out, however these are beautiful with trousers, shorts and dresses, they are so versatile. They give the look of a mule, but have a really comfy supportive back.wedge 3

Accessory wise my leather Paul Costello bag had to be paired with the outfit as it was such a bargain at £35 from £250, and the Dorothy Perkins necklace was from the sale, and gold works so well with blonde hair and yellow clothes. The aviators were a bargain from F&F mens sale and finish the outfit off for a true Summer outfit. I went for the rolled up sleeves and tied midriff for a more casual look, but the shirt works well worn full length with shorts too.

Have you been styling sheer shirts for Summer?

28 thoughts on “Want her dress: Styling a yellow shirt

  1. Absolutely love this outfit! You look amazing! I’m always weary about wearing heels in the day and of the colour yellow but think i will definitely try to be more open-minded in the future 🙂 x


  2. Ahh i love this outfit SO much! I really love pale yellow atm but its something i wouldn’t normally wear either, i just love how youve styled it! Those shoes are gorgeous too 🙂 xxx


  3. I need more sheer shirts in my closet, I think they are great. This yellow one looks so good on you! I have a blonde friend who LOVES yellow (she kinda looks like you actually!) and she looks good in yellow too… I hope you continue to wear yellows like this! I love how you paired it with these shorts, the whole outfit looks so good 🙂



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