Recharge when you’re out and about

I-phone’s notoriously have poor battery life, and after finding out that they only decline with age I was adamant I needed a constant power source for my phone. I rely on my phone for tweeting, blogging and taking photos, it is pretty much my all in one as I don’t own a camera & my internet is frequently off (bills are too high!). The Energiser Portable Phone charger is now my festival, travel and life essential, and is miles better than cheaper, low rate ones I have used in the past.


I have genuinely relied on my portable phone charger inside my flat ( as I was too lazy to get the charger!) and outside my flat when I have been replying to an email and it has just died halfway through. Working with Social media 19 hours a day it means my phone gets a lot of use, so constant battery life is a necessity, no question about it.



I am the WORST in a social situation as I am a serial tweeter and phone grabber, but I went to pizza express this week and made sure it was handy, as I am one of those annoying people that document my food!


Since studying my OU course I spend a lot of time at the library, and this is definitely the handiest place I have needed it so far.


When the charger arrived I had a little panic as I realised it came with an I-Phone 5 cable, but luckily you can attach any USB and it will charge any I-phone, Apple product or anything with a USB port which is awesome!

Is a portable charger on your essentials list this Summer?

22 thoughts on “Recharge when you’re out and about

  1. Years ago I went on a trip to Mexico and I bought a portable charger for my mp3 player… it was awful lol It didn’t work and my mp3 player died while I was over there, I was sad! I just got my iphone on July and so far the battery life has been great so I don’t have a need for a portable charger just yet. however before I got the new iphone I had a really, really really old iphone and omg, it would die so quickly! Even when I didn’t use it the battery would go down… so weird!



  2. OH my gosh i need this!! I have been searching for a portable charger for ages, definitely on my wishlist now! My iphone always dies at the worst times! Ps your hair looks so gorgeous and thick 🙂 xx


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