London through the eyes of a Southern tourist

Hello guys,

So in case it escaped your notice I took a trip to London last week and despite being a Southerner I decided to behave like a ‘proper’ tourist. I traipsed around the outside of Buckingham palace, pretending I could afford to visit the rooms, investigated the Imperial War Museum, admired St Paul’s cathedral in awe, whilst walking everywhere and visiting on a budget.

london 2

london 4

London 5

The Imperial War Museum was the first stop on our list of things to do and the most important for me to visit. I know that we just celebrated the World War One Centenary, but all war and history fascinates me and always has. I studied History at GCSE level and have never really surrendered my love for the subject, and sometimes find myself sat here questioning my choice for not studying it as a degree….

The Holocaust exhibition is always haunting and eery, but educational and a vital part of history we should all know about. There were detailed video accounts, photographs and artefacts, yet no matter how many times I visit and collect all the information there is no way I could ever understand the horrors that people had to live and die through in World War Two.

There was also a Horrible Histories ‘Spies’ exhibition ongoing until January 2015, perfect for adults and children and if you are anything like me then I loved the books, magazines and TV Series. The gift shop was pretty nifty for a museum as well, I like to collect postcards of every trip I go on, but I was persuaded into some ginger beer, a Winston Churchill quotes book, a ration book and some postcards for the journey back to the hotel.

london 10

After a lovely sleep at the Tommyfield we headed to Buckingham palace and St Pauls Cathedral after a long walk from Kennington, along the River Thames and to Westminster.

london 8

london 9

london 6

london 7

Buckingham palace drew a huge crowd to the exterior of the building and the park opposite, I don’t think I have ever seen it so busy before. I was hoping to get a glimpse of the royal m’am especially after watching the whole documentary on Buckingham palace but I have plans on returning and paying to visit the rooms and the gardens in the evenings for a lovely, worthwhile trip.

london 11

I hadn’t visited St Paul’s Cathedral before and was in awe at the architectural design and care that had gone into the creation of the building and the preservation. It was fascinating to see how the church still worked as a modern day place of worship, yet still being an attraction to visit. I am definitely not going to preach my religious views, but I am Church of England and I don’t think I have ever seen anything so ornate and extravagant. I thought I was going to feel connected and at peace, but all I could focus on was the extreme design, which I can appreciate the effort, but I feel as if it detracts from the whole purpose of worship/religion.

london 12

Have you visited London as a tourist despite living in the South? Would love to hear about your trips.

8 thoughts on “London through the eyes of a Southern tourist

  1. I haven’t been in such a long time, definitely worth a visit when you’ve got time and money- just so much to see and do!! x


  2. Being a tourist in your own country is so fun, it reminds me of basically camping in your back garden- it has to be done!


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