From Prada to Nada:Camden Town Shop OOTD

If you love shopping in London & have a soft spot for Camden Town, then you will love my little discovery of ‘Camden Town‘ online shop, where I recently made a couple of purchases that certainly won’t be my last. The site is full of innovative and creative designers who sell Homeware, Womenswear, Menswear and Accessories. I was immediately hooked on the creative transfer tattoos, the tap shorts and inventive patterns that filled the pages of the site. I had so many things in mind that I wanted to buy it was hard to curb my spending. However I do have a budget to stick to, so settled for some Wine Velvet Tap Shorts & the _Rada Tee.

I never had the confidence to wear shorts outside in public for years, let alone high waisted hot pants, but this year has brought about a change in my attitude and confidence. In the past when I was underweight I still had people calling me ‘fat’ over the internet, and I have just come to terms with the fact that you can’t win with everyone & there will always be people who criticise you. I absolutely love these wine velvet shorts, they are so comfy & velvet is a trend that has never escaped my notice as it just works all year round.

‘_RADA’ means ‘I’m happy” in Russian and “Gotta do” in Latvian, and the ‘_Rada’ Tee is inspired by the replica designs of the 90’s, & I am loving the retro feel of the top, with the velvet detailing on the lettering & the off the shoulder ability.




_RADA Tee £32/Velvet Hotpants £23/Gold Necklace H&M £9.99/TOMS PVD Collection £40

I tried out a messy braided style with my hair today, admittedly because I was feeling a little lazy, but I wanted to embrace the rest of the Summer and the hair trends of the season before it’s too cold.

Hope you love this outfit as much as I do xox

20 thoughts on “From Prada to Nada:Camden Town Shop OOTD

  1. I don’t know how you discover all these amazing shops haha need to check them out! Loving the combo on you, those hot pants are gorgeous!! I have similar shorts to this i just love the colour and velvet 🙂 xx


    • Ah man this is like blushing Thursday thank you so much! Even though I posted it up I really was self conscious about wearing the shorts so it’s really nice of you to comment so thank you Hun xxx


      • You really needn’t worry lady! Your body is to die for, you lucky thing 🙂
        And yes, the hair situ – please get a tutorial up ASAP 😉
        Rebecca xxx


  2. your hair looks so cute! i’m also not very comfy wearing shorts in public but you look great in these! and it’s true, you can’t please everyone… someone will always think you are too skinny, too fat, too short, too whatever so it’s best to just please yourself and not worry about them 🙂


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