Missguided Tropical Bardot Midi

Bardot dresses have a special place in my heart, and when they are rocking the predictable tropical trend with a midi length I love them even more- when I find out that the perfect one is in Missguided Sale my life just got a million times better!

I think everyone has their optimal cut and length for a dress, and despite being petite I like to opt for midi dresses as I think they exude sophistication and don’t show too much of your body off.

There was love at first sight with this dress before it went into the sale; I had tried midi skirts, shorts and tops with the tropica trend but nothing felt quite right until I had this dress in my arms. It is only £12.99 here which gives me a squishy reassuring feeling as it was one of my many bargains off the site, but one I truly love.

H 8

H 9

H 12

I couldn’t recommend the Missguided Sale highly enough; I just hope it’s still in stock for you beauties xx

20 thoughts on “Missguided Tropical Bardot Midi

  1. Ah i love this dress on you!! Everything about it is perfect, i adore bardot style dresses too they look so classy 🙂 Gorgeous! xx


  2. You look so lovely, tropical print has been one of my favourite trends lately. Missguided dresses are so affordable but they’re always nicer than I imagined when they arrive! I’m not as sold on the quality of their other clothes and I’ve had to send a lot of jumpers and tops etc back, but their dresses are winners.


    • Thanks hun I agree with you 100 percent I have had a few thin items and once I got something size m/l when I ordered small…and a dirty mark on a blazer but as a whole…I LOVE IT haha xxx


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