The Stay: TommyField Pub Kennington

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Hello guys,

On Wednesday I decided to travel to London for some true tourist style action, whilst checking out the new Tommyfield Hotel rooms in the Renaissance Pub in Kennington. I arrived from Victoria coach station in a taxi for 12.30pm unbeknownst to me that I couldn’t check in until 3pm, I know that this is a usual check-in time but I have had 11/12pm check ins before and couldn’t find any information on the website or Social media pages so had to chance it. Due to arriving so early Pete and I decided to sample the lunch menu & indulge in a cocktail or three whilst we waited ( we had a long journey and wanted some relaxation!).

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We faced a mixed greeting from staff, but overall was a friendly welcome. We perched in a secluded ‘booth’ area in the pub and were presented with a carafe of water which was a nice addition to have without having to ask. We then ordered two cocktails; I requested a Mojito off the menu and Peter asked for a Long Island Iced Tea despite it not being on the menu, both arrived very promptly before ordering our Lunch and were impeccably presented. Both of our choices were £10.50 which was very reasonable for London & the quality was well worth the price paid. The hot smoked salmon salad was divine, and Peter’s Cajun chicken burger was chargrilled without tasting burnt (you would be surprised how many people struggle)

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The food was perfectly seasoned and presented, whilst the quality was clear from the luxurious taste. For £7.50 the cocktails were an amazing price for a London restaurant, and there was a lot of care, attention and effort that went into producing the drinks. They were a delight to drink, order and choose from made from fresh fruit all on display at the bar.

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For £119 you can book one of six hotel rooms in the Tommyfield; all have a contemporary ‘New York’ feel with different themes for each room. Ours had a double basin, and a very large walk in shower with a rain shower head.  The Nespresso machine was the main feature for myself as I am a caffeine addict with a fancy for handy gadgets, the shabby chic wardrobe area was also an appealing feature of the room to hang my clothes, store my bags and multiple plug sockets for my variety of appliances and technology. The TV mounted on the wall with freeview was greatly appreciated for the evening and morning before departure. The bathroom had sufficient toiletries, such as shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, ear buds, cotton pads, nail file & a toothbrush with toothpaste. The one thing I felt was absent was the hairdryer but luckily I had brought my own. The free WI-FI made the stay have it’s necessary creature comforts, just like the water carafe and Teapigs tea bags ( a nice touch).

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After visiting the Imperial War Museum Peter and I prepared for dinner at 8.00pm and decided to make an effort but not be too over dressed as it was a Bistro pub after all. As you can see the bed is large, comfy and difficult to leave! Although I was itching to get to the bar as a member of staff walked into my room whilst I was undressing & decided that an apology wasn’t necessary..

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To start our meal we shared a bottle of white wine accompanied by a Goats cheese tart and a Prawn cocktail. The Goats Cheese tart was the nicest I have ever had the fortune to taste, with well balanced flavour combinations and divine pastry. Pete disliked his avocado in the prawn cocktail (even though he knew it was in it)- so luckily I got to snap that up too! We then had sausages & mash, and a rack of ribs meal, I was slightly jealous Peter got the better end of the bargain as my sausages were really overcooked but my mash and gravy was divine. Peter’s ribs were succulent and well marinaded.

The service was fantastic from the attentive male members of staff, and one rather stern waitress didn’t ruin the evening. However despite attempts of smiling at her she remained to be in a bad mood, and constantly complaining at staff made me feel slightly uncomfortable but luckily she wasn’t our server.

Before heading to bed we decided to have one last cocktail & requested a ‘surprise’ from the bartender who happily obliged & compiled one from the drinks I had enjoyed from the daytime which went down really well. The craftmanship & imagination that goes into the drinks is mindblowing & something I can’t wait to come back for.

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Before departing we expected to have a choice of cereal in our room, and I was slightly disappointed with only one porridge pot between the two of us? That being said the Nespresso machine, apple juice & teapigs made up for the absence of breakfast that was supposed to be included in the price.

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Overall despite the minor hiccups of the stay £119 is an amazing price for a London hotel with a modern, contemporary style room, with 50 percent off food, and £7.50 cocktails I couldn’t recommend this more.

18 thoughts on “The Stay: TommyField Pub Kennington

  1. Can’t believe the price I have been to london a lot but always stay somewhere from 2-300 pounds so this is a big price difference, but how close is it to the tube is it quite far? havent been to kennington before x


  2. Was it quite busy for a wednesday? I am surprised, it must be a popular place to go to, I haven’t been to London very much myself but looks lovely all the same and will bear in mind if I travel that way 🙂


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