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Juicetou 3 day Juice Cleanse


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Hello ladies & gents,

In case you missed me harping on about it over Twitter and Facebook I recently participated in a 3 day Juice Cleanse with Juicetou after kindly being asked if I wanted to trial the products. I jumped at the opportunity as I have never been able to afford a cleanse or a detox before and always used to check out the deals on Groupon and Wahanda and just hope that I got lucky. However the 3 day Juice Cleanse with Juicetou is only £79 here which I think is an absolute bargain. I had scoured the internet for prices and comparisons and this one came out on top.

Thanks to being a Social Media addict I had read reviews and opinions prior to the detox which ranged from extreme fatigue and hunger to rejuvenation and tonnes of energy. I was a little worried before I started as I really do love carbohydrates and I have a medical condition which makes me super tired and exhausted anyway, but I thought it was time to sort my body out from all my sins.

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This is my BEFORE shot which I took the day before the cleanse started.

When the box arrived it was full of four juices for each day- one at 9am, 12am, 3pm and 6pm for each three days. There was also two lemons to use with glasses of water to kickstart my metabolism and also to help make sure that I was getting 2 litres of water at least.

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The juices arrive on a Tuesday between 8am and 6pm so that you can start the detox on Wednesday leading up to the weekend.

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My favourite part of the detox was actually drinking the water and lemon as I had got into the habit of it before the detox and found it really refreshing, hydrating and also helped immensely with my cravings.

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J 5

J 6

I found the 9am and 3pm ‘Clean Green’ the hardest juice to stomach on the first two days, and by day three I was actually enjoying it. The ingredients are Spinach, Celery, Cucumber, Apples and Limes with the overpowering taste being celery which hadn’t been my best friend in the past, but I am now befriending him! The purpose of the green clean was to get a tonne of nutrients into your body, Juicetou claim you get more than one person gets in a week with this juice and it certainly feels this way- it’s amazing. I have always believed that green fruit and veg are the best for you and try and eat as many as possible.

Let’s glow is 12am’s juice and is really fruity thanks to the oranges, apples, kiwis, grapes and strawberries. It makes you feel like you are having a sugar kick which helps when you start slipping into the no carb slump. The great thing is it’s a cleanser for your digestive system and a benefit for your skin.

The 6am Berry Good juice is equally as enjoyable and satisfying, and bursting with antioxidants. Blueberries are included in the list of ingredients and they are always high of my shopping list when I have enough money as they are fabulous for your skin.

The juices do make you feel exhausted, and I did get daily headaches but I can’t help but contribute that to the burning heat at the moment as well. I did have moments where I caved and ate eggs as a protein supplement BUT I did exercise which it specifies not to, so I feel like I needed it for that added burst of energy. I work on Social Media for 18-19 hours a day so exercise is a vital part of keeping healthy in my day.

Overall I feel like my skin has improved, my pimples broke out into spots but the pre-existing ones started drying up, my skin felt more glowing and plumper and I feel like I am a lot less bloated. Even though I haven’t lost lots of weight I feel like it has kickstarted my healthy eating regime, alongside exercise and something I really want to carry on with on a monthly basis.


J 9

Have any of you tried a Juice Cleanse? How did you get on?

4 thoughts on “Juicetou 3 day Juice Cleanse

  1. Really want to do one at some point, I was looking at the Twitter and I think they have changed the packaging and website now, it looks really snazzy. Think I will give it a go at some point. ❤


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