TOMS Paul Van Dyk Collaboration & Ethics

T 1

Today I am sharing with you something I have recently become really passionate about due to it’s worldly contributions and gorgeous designs.

TOMS  have always been ‘my thing’, and by that I mean I-am attracted-to-comfy-shoes-which-are-also-stylish-and-come-in-a -massive-range-of-designs- my thing! I have always been attracted to TOMS and never actually savoured enough money to be able to pick up the real deal. I have had to settle for similar style shoes which by the way are absolutely NO comparison once you pick up the proper babies.

Prior to a little chat with TOMS I was shamefully blind to their ethical contributions, and since being informed I feel a lot more comfortable in indulging my wages on pretty shoes off the website ‘ just because I can’. Even if you don’t have a shopping addiction like myself (woops), just by buying one pair you are giving a child in need a pair of shoes to wear. Every-time you make a purchase off the TOMS site they consciously donate a pair of shoes to a child who REALLY need them, not for style, Fashion or impulse but because they are disadvantaged. If you can fulfil a hobby, and treat yourself whilst helping others it’s a win win situation to me!

If you fancy having a watch through any of the videos they really are fascinating and eye opening. They will give you a flavour for what TOMS is all about, and also give you ideas of your own to help the disadvantaged. I think the ‘No shoes’ day is such a fantastic idea and something I really want to try out myself.

Alongside the shoe donations TOMS are currently selling coffee in America ( but coming to other countries soon!) and with every bag sold are giving a weeks worth of clean water to someone in need. Think how easy it is if you shop already and buy Fashion, how much easier it is for something as day-day as coffee and by purchasing you are potentially saving people’s lives! Please please check out this page here if you want to read more about their contributions as they are making a HUGE difference, and you can too.

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One thing that I was incredibly impressed with was the packaging of the shoes. My invoice, price tag, information and shoe box was all made of recyclable paper and cardboard- not a plastic in sight. I am trying to be a lot more environmentally conscious and its great to know that TOMS just keep on giving.

T 3

Paul Van Dyk Galaxy Women’s shoes  £39.99

Paul Van Dyk recently collaborated with TOMS to create a gorgeous GALAXY design ‘inspired by global citizenship’. The DJ and noted humanitarian’s designs are LIMITED EDITION, so if you like the look of them then it’d be good idea to snap them up quickly as I don’t expect them to last too long. T 5

T 9

The slip ons feature the classic suede insole which makes them breathable, comfortable and durable. The arch insert helps add support when you’re walking, and the elastic V help them slip on really easily but still stay on securely. I love the PVD logo surrounding the cosmic background, it reminds me of Tumblr backrounds I used to long for.

T 6

T 8

T 7

They look amazing with denim hotpants, leggings, jeans and dresses. They are such a versatile piece to invest in and despite the pattern because it’s monochrome it doesn’t actually clash if you want to mix and match prints which is AWESOME.

If you want to pick them up then they are here-

24 thoughts on “TOMS Paul Van Dyk Collaboration & Ethics

  1. Its a great idea but a lot to pay when you are on a tight budget- I wonder if they were to sell a product a a cheaper price they might attract a bigger customer base and even by contributing less per item toward a cause they will still manage to help at the same scale because of the higher volume of sales?


    • That sounds like a great idea- I know they sell a variety of different shoe types ie cheaper shoes from £20 up and sunglasses, but it’s definitely something to consider for people who can’t afford it. I think the coffee selling in America is a great idea too as it’s an everyday item which doesn’t cost too much, I really hope they bring it to the UK xx


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